Kannagi Ep. 8: Going Astray in Wuthering Heights

27 November, 2008

No second helpings for you.  Really, that's just wrong.

And the madness continues!  Once again, lies don’t get anybody anywhere, as Nagi and Jin can only go for so long before someone found them out.  In this case, however, we get a wild imagination to go along with it.  I’d just love to know who in the world thinks up of these episode names.  Yes, it’s not an exact translation; someone apparently liked Emily Bronte.  Oh well, any time you can get a English literature reference with Street Fighter is quite something.

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Kannagi Ep. 7: Cutie Big Pinch! Super Spicy Hitsumabushi Strikes Back

18 November, 2008

Quality harem Such a LONG episode name.  Hell to translate sometimes.  However, this is quite possibly the most entertainment you can expect out of an episode that really never leaves one location.  Again, Kannagi showcases its ability to blend every popular category right now into a highly successful show.  The fanservice is just enough to make you laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it, and the situation insane and yet…I’m sure a few of us have had moments like Nagi’s.

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Kannagi Ep. 6: Nagi’s (Heart-Stopping) Craziness

12 November, 2008

poor otaku.

If this were Rosario + Vampire, you could go off all day on the ‘fanservice’.  In Kannagi, however, it all seems to take a back seat somehow.  I can’t quite explain it – instead of having a single aspect of the series dominate, Kannagi seems to just do all the little things competently.  The result is really fun to watch as it pokes at itself, Japan’s craziness, all the while continuing to show off Nagi’s antics.  It helps to have a unique supporting cast, I guess.

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Kannagi Ep. 5: Discovery! Love the Dining Table Spirit

8 November, 2008

Oh my.

Well that happened pretty quickly.  Zange comes out weapons firing, only to have her slip up horrendously in the end.  Well, I guess all three girls ended up not doing so hot in their first competition.  At least now Nagi has a reason for wearing the school uniform, right?  Speaking of which, Nagi is adorable in that uniform.  Seriously.  Anyway, typical pictures now, text later arrangement.

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Kannagi Ep. 4: Sisters

28 October, 2008

One week late!  I actually completely missed this episode; I honestly don’t know how I did that, but I did.  Anyway, for those who don’t know a single thing about this series (including myself), we get a little bit of backstory on what’s happened between Zange and Nagi, which is pretty helpful in understanding why they’re so far apart.  Poor Jin, though, stuck in the middle of it all, and Tsugumi, who fails miserably as a guardian.

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Kannagi Ep. 3: The School Goddess

20 October, 2008


Seriously though, this episode just showcases everything I love about this series.

Sorry about the weird screenshots, MPC doesn’t like me with this raw.  I’ll use a different one next time, but I couldn’t resist trying 1440×1080, haha.

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Kannagi Ep. 2: Gyokuon Attack!

13 October, 2008

(Pardon the dust, but I’m fixing up the site a bit 🙂 )

(For the record, gyokuon = the Emperor’s voice.)

The fun continues with a small dose of drama in the second episode of Kannagi.  This really is the surprise hit of the season for me; I picked it up on a whim and I’m so glad that I did.  So far, it’s easily in my top three shows for the season (the other two are Mitsuganae for the JS nut in me and TotA for nostalgic reasons, and for being one of the better adventure shows so far).  This episode implies that there’s more to Nagi than meets the eye, but that doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice her humorous side at all.  I’m impressed, and looking forward to more of this.

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