Kannagi Ep. 8: Going Astray in Wuthering Heights

No second helpings for you.  Really, that's just wrong.

And the madness continues!  Once again, lies don’t get anybody anywhere, as Nagi and Jin can only go for so long before someone found them out.  In this case, however, we get a wild imagination to go along with it.  I’d just love to know who in the world thinks up of these episode names.  Yes, it’s not an exact translation; someone apparently liked Emily Bronte.  Oh well, any time you can get a English literature reference with Street Fighter is quite something.

It's raining, it's pouring..dead man walkingThat's the look, that's the look...

PI think Daitetsu is on to something...The imagination runs wild!


Nagi and Jin are stuck at home amidst a thunderstorm.  The doorbell chimes, and a soaked Daitetsu, who had managed to lock himself out of his house and scare the entire neighborhood in the process, stands like a zombie.  Jin takes him in and allows him to stay over until the next day.

While he’s there, however, Daitetsu begins to notice that Nagi and Jin don’t act very…sibling-like.  While he assumes that it’s just a simple contact between a man and a woman, his imagination starts running rampant, envisioning the two in a forbidden relationship.  He’s completely off the path, but it sparks a little bit of curiosity in him.

raep?Jin doesn't go that way, Daitetsu!Oh my.

Now Daitetsu is really onto something.Awww, Nagi's adorableOh he really is on to us!

Daitetsu confronts Jin about his relationship with Nagi when Nagi interrupts and drags him away.  In the kitchen, the two decide to act as “sibling-like” as possible to throw Daitetsu off again, but forget that the walls are rather thin.  This results in Daitetsu being skeptical of nearly everything Nagi does, and confronts Jin about the piece of the Sacred Tree he gave to him earlier.  Daitetsu reveals, to Nagi’s dismay, that he actually stole it to give to Jin (but they were going to burn it anyway).  Nagi curses him, and it leads to a sleepless night.  When the breakers are tripped, Daitetsu runs in fear to the old temple grounds to apologize, where a very, very different Nagi forgives him for what he’s done before falling unconscious.

Been clueless lately, hasn't he.236+B uppercut!Round.  One.  Fight!

Nagi guest stars in 'The Ring'UOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned...

The next day, Nagi doesn’t remember a thing, and refuses to answer Jin’s questions.  Daitetsu is convinced something is wrong with Nagi, but can’t reconcile the two personalities he saw.  He spends the day thinking about it before deciding that he must confront Nagi and save his friend.  As the art club begins to assemble, they see Nagi and Daitetsu squared off with each other in the middle of the room.

Possessed the...possessed statue thingyNagi the amnesiacMust've lost round 1.

Life has no drama today.Nuuuuuuuuuuuuround 2!


  • Summary really doesn’t do this justice, but oh well, that’s the jist of it.  Daitetsu’s imagination and over the top actions make this entire episode.  Really.  Nagi isn’t even the main focus here – other than her little “possession”, she’s otherwise normal, if there’s such a thing with Nagi.
  • Who the heck is the oddball in this?

Who the **** is that?!

  • I miss playing Street Fighter so much.  It was only made worse watching the splash screens in this episode.  Nagi’s got one sick uppercut; don’t anger your goddess!
  • So…I’d almost assume she’s faking her amnesia.  Her eyes glazing over could be a dual issue, though, as maybe something else in her is repressing thoughts.  I have no idea, I’m just throwing ideas out in the wind here.  So far though, the series has struck a fine balance between drama and comedy, so I’m interested to see how Nagi’s character will continue to develop.
  • Where’s my Zange??

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