Kannagi Ep. 3: The School Goddess


Seriously though, this episode just showcases everything I love about this series.

Sorry about the weird screenshots, MPC doesn’t like me with this raw.  I’ll use a different one next time, but I couldn’t resist trying 1440×1080, haha.


Even with Nagi’s sudden arrival, Jin still has a responsibility to go to school.  Though Nagi complains a little, inwardly she’s quite impressed with the country’s progress since centuries ago.  On the way to school, Jin meets with Tsugumi and says (much to Tsugumi’s dismay) the fried vegetables were delicious.

At school, Jin is one of three new members of the Art Club and is busy working on his latest painting.  His use of pink on a nature scene, however, fails to impress Shinko and Takako, the club leaders.  Also in the club are Daitetsu, a humongous freshman who’s taken a more avant-garde approach to painting, but still has a very soft side, and Akiba, who, true to his namesake, is an otaku-freak.  Takako and Shinko are obviously quite thrilled to have three male members of the art club this year (Takako even gets a nosebleed with the competition between Daitetsu and Jin), and decide it might be a good idea to use them and get the basement storage cleaned out before any of them leave.

Tsugumi somehow manages to join the group to clean out the basement, and the four make their way to the seediest, most decrepit building on campus.  As they descend down the stairs, it’s clear Daitetsu and Jin are wussies; however, at most there is just some old dusty equipment, a locked door downstairs, and one impurity running around.  With Nagi not around, Jin can’t do anything about it, though.  As the group looks at the stairwell down, Tsugumi suddenly goes ‘Higurashi’ mode and tells a story of how a student fell down the stairs, impaled himself on a sharp object and died tragically.  Suddenly freaked out, the four students run back to the club room, only to find themselves forced back onto duty the next day.  Back at home, Nagi senses something’s amiss with Jin’s attitude, even though he says nothing is wrong.

The next day Nagi shows up at school in uniform with a crowd of seedy looking guys around her.  Though she rushes to Jin to give him a hug, he dodges, prompting some angry curses from the crowd around them.  Tsugumi finally catches up with Nagi, and Jin finds that Nagi appropriated the uniform from Tsugumi.  What he doesn’t know is that Tsugumi has grown out a little bit and doesn’t fit in the said uniform anymore…Tsugumi also finds that Jin and Nagi are not an item, and there’s still a chance for her.

With Nagi leading the way, the group heads to the abandoned school building once more.  When they get in, however, the door slams shut and locks, and the locked stairwell begins to rumble and shake.  Everybody cries for their lives, but Nagi prepares to exorcise the impurity.  She’s surprised, though, when an old teacher (the advisor for the art club) pops up instead – it was all a hazing ritual by the ART CLUB.

Suddenly worried that she’s losing her divinity, Nagi runs away, and happens upon a church.  She enters with a strange feeling, and finds a girl in churchlike clothing, impurity in hand.  It seems she’s able to cleanse impurities by herself.  She also calls Nagi her “older sister”…


  • The entire cast is here, I guess.  I’m also glad this isn’t going to turn completely into a harem anime.  Nagi has someone she likes, so it leaves Tsugumi and newcomer Zange to fight it out if Zange even chooses to (Reminder, I haven’t even read the manga or this or anything).  Go Tsugumi?  Maybe later on she really will go Higurashi mode on us, which would be an epic transformation.
  • Reminds me of my college days and hearing stories of all the frat hazings that happened.  But the ART CLUB?  Taking one of the most benign clubs on campus and letting it haze its members?  On top of that, it’s two girls leading a group of three hopeless guys along this horror trip.  Oh that’s just golden.
  • Tsugumi’s private victory dance when she found she has more ‘assets’ than Nagi had me laughing for quite some time.  The simple and subtle humor is rapidly becoming a hallmark of this series.  I’m reminded of Azumanga Daioh, but this is a more tame version of that.  The ironies continue with Takako’s nosebleeds (isn’t that a guy trait in most ecchi animes?) and Akiba’s very appropriate name (if you don’t know, Akiba is like otaku heaven in Japan…and Akiba is quite the otaku).
  • We’re getting some drama going now.  With Zange’s arrival, Nagi has suddenly become very vulnerable, and it’s unclear what’s going to happen as her powers continue to dwindle.  I’d assume this series would keep its lightheartedness, though, so I don’t expect a huge shift in atmosphere.  Actually, it’d be a shame if everything suddenly went dark, as this show thrives on its simplicity and the stupid jokes it cracks at itself.
  • If you haven’t gotten it yet, WATCH THIS SERIES.  It’s close to being the runaway winner for my favorite show of the season.


Kannagi, give me some preview screenshots already ;_;.  Next episode: ‘Sisters’.


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