Kannagi Ep. 7: Cutie Big Pinch! Super Spicy Hitsumabushi Strikes Back

Quality harem Such a LONG episode name.  Hell to translate sometimes.  However, this is quite possibly the most entertainment you can expect out of an episode that really never leaves one location.  Again, Kannagi showcases its ability to blend every popular category right now into a highly successful show.  The fanservice is just enough to make you laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it, and the situation insane and yet…I’m sure a few of us have had moments like Nagi’s.

Jin's not alone in this picture.What's behind door number 1?Tsugumi says hi, Nagi!

"Let me handle this."YOU SUCKOh hai~


Nagi has barricaded herself in Jin’s closet and refuses to come out no matter what.  She decides she can survive on some snacks and whatever she can steal from Jin when he’s not looking (like his drinks).  Tsugumi arrives to drop off some food (fried vegetables and omelettes, of course), and also tries to talk to Nagi; however, after some girl-time, Tsugumi turns on Jin as well.  Desperate for help, Jin asks Akiba for help, and he promises to arrive shortly.  However, Zange arrives soon after and suggests a more…subtle approach.  Zange’s actions draw the ire of Tsugumi as well as Nagi’s curiosity, but both quickly return to normal after seeing a river of blood flowing from Jin’s nostrils.

3Peeping Nagi sees...Taking a joke too far?

OMG GUARDIAN MODE ON.Need backup!Art club impromptu meeting!

Jin once again makes the call to Akiba for reinforcements, but Takako and Shino are the ones to arrive; Akiba had told them to come because Takako was dropping off the eroge she had borrowed from him.  Tsugumi is impressed by how cute the cover is, but turns a deep shade of red when she sees what is on the back.  Takako implores Nagi to come out and show her the house clothes she normally wears, but Nagi refuses to budge, and Takako isn’t one for a fight.

Daitetsu now joins in on the fun, trying to keep Jin’s artistic passion up.  Takako invited him but apparently Daitetsu got the wrong idea, so he simply sits back and looks on.  Inside, Nagi finds an impurity and struggles to exorcise it, and the bug quickly scrambles out of the closet, scaring everybody sitting in front of it (and causing Daitetsu to pass out before it is let out of the room).

Too-shy-shy-girlHarem - NagiITS ALL ABOUT PASSION

They took my lucky...er, calpis!IMPURITYThe otaku arrives!

Akiba FINALLY arrives, and Jin hopes that Nagi will forgive him with Akiba’s offering.  He takes out a Blu-Ray disc from his bag that has the recording of last night’s mahou shoujo anime.  As Jin explains, he had recorded a kitten TV show in an effort to make Nagi happy, but had mistakenly recorded over Nagi’s unwatched tapes, thus leading up to her boarding up in the closet.  Only problem is that Jin does not have a Blu-Ray player, so Akiba produces a tape to give to Nagi.  Nagi throws out out, however, as it’s a beta video, an archaic format nobody uses anymore.  But ‘It’s a Sony.’

After everybody leaves, Jin explains himself and honestly thought Nagi would be happy.  He simply wants Nagi to come out again, and bows his head in apology.  It turns out, however, that Nagi was out getting snacks from the kitchen, and has decided to forgive Jin.  Jin’s response, however, is to throw Nagi back into the closet and lock her up.

Record with the best.My e-peen is <-------------> bigA heartfelt apology

All is forgiven?I have one, two, three lives!Boooring.


  • The ambiguity of what really happened this episode makes for quite a hook.  You don’t have a solid grasp of what happened until the last…5 minutes of the episode, really.  The entire time before that, however, your brain and wander and try to draw its own conclusions.  What’s really interesting is to see what people really thought happened.  It’s like a measure of how perverted your mind might be, especially with some of Nagi’s lines.
  • Zange really is quite an aggressive girl, isn’t she?
  • Jin’s face when he realized Nagi’s barricaded herself with his magazines was hilarious.  It’s literally one of those “oh shi-” moments in life.
  • I’m amazed how much fun it was to watch a bunch of characters literally stare at a wall.  The characters are so different and well-developed in their own way that the environment plays a supporting role to them.  To me, to be able to survive with just character interactions and not require flashing environments or special effects is the hallmark of a good show.
  • So how much did Sony pay for this one?  Yes it’s a tongue-in-cheek prodding of the old beta formats, but Blu-Ray?  There’s some sponsorships going in there.

One Response to Kannagi Ep. 7: Cutie Big Pinch! Super Spicy Hitsumabushi Strikes Back

  1. muteKi says:

    Love this episode, just wanted to throw out there that A-1 Pictures, who did Kannagi, are a subsidiary of Sony.

    Thus it’s more like how Lucky Star went to Kyoto Animation rather than paid sponsorship.

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