30 October, 2007

I am in love with the new Lamborghini.  The Reventon.  Yeah, the one that has a production line of 20 cars…and is like a million dollars.  But it really does look like a jet fighter!  And it looks fucking amazing to me.

I’m so floored by the car that I made a wallpaper after…oh, 4 years of not doing so?  It’s been a long time, and it’s still a W.i.P., so I’ll touch it up when I have time.     I know it’s a kind of weird resolution, but again…work in progress! here’s the link 🙂

reventon wp draft 1


Higu 13

20 October, 2007

It’s break! I’ll watch and update these. Hopefully I can get thumbnails up with them, but we’ll see how things go.