Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 15: Rabbit and Tortoise

28 February, 2009

Yuzuki the Fierce!

Time to break the Abyss string with another episode of Mitsuganae!  About six episodes behind…but then again, we’re subbing about 8 episodes behind.  Been busy lately, and I’ve been gravitating towards finishing Abyss instead.  I should also point out that I probably gave up too early on ToraDORAMA, which has rapidly turned into one of the better high school love dramedy shows I’ve seen in a while.

ANYWAY, here we start going back to how this series began – Yuzuki playing spectator.  Mind you, she does try, but like before, she’s once again helpless against the Jigoku Tsuushin.  Hopefully things start to turn around for her soon…

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Tales of the Abyss Ep. 18 + 19

25 February, 2009

Part II: Complete!

Another double dose of Tales of the Abyss!  It’s transition time as we phase from Part II to Part III of the game, complete with new developments!

In other news, I’ll have more of Jigoku Shoujo soon.  I have to translate Episode 15 anyway, so I might as well write an entry for it while I’m at it, no?

I do have this to say though – this season has again been rather underwhelming, and I’m watching shows from the previous season (ToraDORAMA, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Tales of the Abyss, Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae).  With that said, next season looks pretty good.  Shangri-La, yay~!  Or, for more mind-numbing madness, Hayate S2!  O_o;;

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Tales of the Abyss Ep. 16 + 17

12 February, 2009

Luke is not amused by such antics.

So in my mad rush to get a whole bunch of stuff completed in Tales of Vesperia (an excellent game, by the way…I’ll have to review it when I finish it), I haven’t been able to watch a lot of TV.  Well…actually, I have, but they’ve all been basketball games (GO BLAZERS!).  So I’m waaaay behind on Mitsuganae, Abyss, and…hey, I’ve missed the last two movies of Kara no Kyoukai?  Oh my.  So here’s my attempt to at least catch up (somewhat) on Abyss – two episodes in one post!  They pretty much make up one long episode, anyway.

UPDATE!  Done with Vesperia, round 1.  Off to the EX Dungeon, and then another speedster playthrough!  Though I may lose interest…nah.

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