Kannagi Ep. 1: Girl of the Sacred Tree

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I burnt myself out pretty quickly last week, so it looks like I’ll be shortening a lot of these posts (or trying to).  Anyway, this series comes to me as a complete surprise.  Anything with “crazy shrine maiden” automatically goes into my list for at least one episode.  With Kannagi, I think I found my comedy for the season.


Jin Mikuriya has spent a lot of time on his art project, carving a figure out of a piece of the sacred tree.  He bases his image on a shrine maiden he met as a young child, but hasn’t seen since.  When he prepares to take it to school, however, the figure explodes, leaving behind a cute girl.  Incredulous, Jin spends the day away from school to figure out what’s going on.

Jin quickly finds that the girl is the land god, the person who is in charge of bringing peace and life to the area.  Without her wards, impurities would rule the land; however, she was cut off because the shrine was moving a little and the sacred tree was cut down.  Although she is attacked by impurities, Jin somehow has the capability to remove them rather easily, forming a somewhat shaky relationship between the two.

After watching TV, the girl decides to adopt the “mahou shoujo” approach to cleansing impurities, magic wand and all.  By working with Jin, she successfully eliminates three spider-ish looking things.  With her results, the girl introduces herself as Nagi, and proceeds to move in with Jin.  Of course, this could be problematic, as Jin has never had a girl over and is completely unprepared…


There really isn’t anything groundbreaking about this series.  In fact, throughout the episode, I found myself thinking about previous series a lot.  The way Nagi speaks reminds me a lot of Horo, using a lot of archaic Japanese grammatical forms.  However, Nagi’s personality is a mash of a whole bunch of popular characters from recent series (mahou shoujo slap-in-the-face notwithstanding).  Somehow, I’m drawn to think that Nagi is like a grown up Konata.  Yes, a very strange opinion, but it’s the first thing that popped in my head.

Anyway, this is the first comedy I’ve seen in a while that hasn’t had to rely on ecchi-ness or something of that realm in order to deliver a good episode.  Sure there were some moments, but for the most part this was pretty slapstick comedy.  Some may be tired of “girl getting used to the world” routines (Lala in to Love-ru…oh my.); however, Nagi just seems to work so much better.  It’s an easy watch that keeps the viewer’s attention with its easygoing pace and lighthearted feel.


What?  No preview?  Weird…


One Response to Kannagi Ep. 1: Girl of the Sacred Tree

  1. koanslinger says:

    “…this is the first comedy I’ve seen in a while that hasn’t had to rely on ecchi-ness or something of that realm in order to deliver a good episode.”

    Damn right. Great post!

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