Kannagi Ep. 4: Sisters

One week late!  I actually completely missed this episode; I honestly don’t know how I did that, but I did.  Anyway, for those who don’t know a single thing about this series (including myself), we get a little bit of backstory on what’s happened between Zange and Nagi, which is pretty helpful in understanding why they’re so far apart.  Poor Jin, though, stuck in the middle of it all, and Tsugumi, who fails miserably as a guardian.


Nagi explains to Jin that because her tree has been uprooted, her divinity is rapidly dwindling, and she needs to find some other way to gather the people’s support.  Jin toys with the idea of Nagi becoming an idol, and actually seriously looks into it the next day by asking Akiba for his input on what idols should be like.  Unfortunately, it triggers a doctorate thesis from the art club’s resident otaku, and Jin looks for…simpler explanations.

Jin gets his explanation when he runs into a group of guys harassing Zange, whom Akiba considers is the perfect idol.  After Jin reflexively knocks one down, the two run far, far away.  Zange introduces herself, and the two talk about their dreams (or, in Jin’s case, his relative lack of one).  Before leaving, Zange reveals she knows Jin’s name, and gives him a farewell kiss.

Nagi is surprised to hear that Jin met with Zange the night before, and accuses him of simply going for the girl with more breasts.  Jin unabashedly admits that he enjoys bigger ‘assets’, but firmly believes that Zange is a good girl.  Nagi gives up on the converted Jin and goes forth to look into the main problem: Zange’s ‘vessel’.

Crossing the river and finding the church reveals that the tree housing Zange’s spirit is still intact.  Nagi gives Jin the quick runthrough of the two trees borne of a single root to give people on both sides of the river a goddess to worship.  Nagi assumes that Zange has done something horrendous to be able to walk around the way she is now.

Nagi quickly goes to look for her little sister, but despite her idol-status, Zange is nowhere to be found.  Jin fails to convince Nagi that Zange isn’t a problem, so Nagi returns to school alone (using Tsugumi’s uniform again) and finds Zange with her classmates.  Then again, her classmates respond to her as ‘Hakua’…nevertheless, Zange and Nagi go to an equipment shed to talk.  There, Zange subdues Nagi quickly as there are a number of impurities running around.  Just as Zange is about to string Nagi up, Jin walks in, stares, and quickly looks away.

At home, Jin is so shocked from seeing Zange’s true nature that he forgets to go shopping, leaving the two with some odd dinners.  Tsugumi, exercising her guardian right, finds a fridge full of snacks and begs Jin to let her bring some fried veggies and omelettes next time.  Everything changes, however, when Zange shows up with a request to let her stay and take care of Jin.


  • So Zange possesses Hakua.  So really, Hakua is the cute girl, and Zange’s just borrowing her face…and Nagi’s borrowing whatever Jin carved into the statue.  Or something like that?  Does being possessed change your outside appearance?
  • This is interesting: take Shinto, add Christianity, and you get a juggernaut religion, according to Zange’s ‘logic’.  Huh?
  • They need to hurry up and get Nagi into ‘idol’ mode already or something.  Poor girl’s flailing about and all she gets is more bad news.
  • Speaking of which, why does Zange’s “thank you” require her moving in?  Hooray for anime logic?
  • Believe it or not, Akiba’s description of idols today is surprisingly accurate.  It’s a glimpse into the otaku sector of Japan, and depending on your viewpoint is either really interesting and informative, or just plain scary.

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