Tales of the Abyss Ep. 25 + 26

25 May, 2009

Tear took 26 episodes to live up to her name.  XD

With this, I finally close Tales of the Abyss. I haven’t gotten around to 25 and 26 for a while, and that’s mostly because…well, didn’t really want to watch it much, really. Got REALLY hard after I started watching other series, too.  Higashi no Eden and K-On are so ridiculous they’re actually interesting to me.  Other things to worry about too.

In a nutshell, Abyss is one of the better adventures series to come out in recent years, but I don’t think I’ll be rewatching it anytime soon. Not while the game is sitting on my desk, at least.

Short summaries and final impressions following the break.

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Mai-Otome Zwei ED02: “Storm” (Koshimizu Ami)

14 May, 2009

Old series is ollllld.
I like this song enough to post my translation of the lyrics.  They’re probably not completely correct (does anybody have a scan of the official lyrics?  Do those even exist?!), but I think they should be close.  Grammar…bleh, where’s a TLCer when you need one?.

Comments / corrections welcome.  Enjoy!

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Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 19: Snow, Moon, Flower

5 May, 2009

A screen that ISN'T Enma Ai.  Pretty, no?

A vast improvement over the last episode, with a very…well, EPIC ending.  Gods, where was this 18 episodes ago!?  Mind you, the ending is still hidden behind the rest of the episode, but at least the plot was a lot more dramatic than a stupid radio show.

Noticed that nobody has ever put up the translation for the full version of ‘storm’, aka Mai Otome Zwei ED2.  I like the song enough that I might actually put it up here.  I’ll have to rummage around for the lyrics.

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