For Those of Us Who Cannot Fathom Relationships Very Well…

24 June, 2009
Graph of Lifes Little Mystery.

Graph of Life's Little Mystery.

…here’s a bit of help.  Amusingly, I find myself in the realm of awkwardness quite a bit..or maybe, not so amusingly.

More anime-related stuff soon.  Also coming soon, stuff I’m doing with my car!  Time to spice things up around here.  Kudos to a buddy who found this for me, and for the original author for coming up with the idea.  I like it.


電脳フィギュア ARis

26 October, 2008

Way to go Japan.  Way to go.

So who’s interested?  😛

The European Tour

23 June, 2008

It’s not a big secret that my family enjoys traveling.  Heck, I enjoy getting out there from time to time.  This year, it’s back to Europe after my choice last year of invading and occupying a part of Japan for the majority of 3 months.  So while this trip is mostly centered around a trip to the holy areas in Rome, we’re also going around other parts of Italy, then hitting France and England on the return leg for a bit.  I will have a monstrous backlog of writing to do about the food, too.  Here’s a running list of the places I’ll write about later:

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Going, going, gone~

20 June, 2008

Tomorrow I’m headed out for an extended leave of absence and won’t be back until mid-July. MAYBE I’ll be bored and update this while I’m gone, but don’t count on anything interesting.

While I’m out, however, I’ve decided to try vectoring some walls I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Recognize them?

Tsukihime OP - AkihaTsukihime OP - Kohaku / HisuiTsukihime OP - Ciel

Amusingly enough, this was supposed to be a set of 3 images, but laying it out like this gives me an idea of making two wallpapers across the Akiha/Kohaku and Hisui/Ciel themes…or maybe one really big dualscreen one!  Oh, how I stumble upon the weirdest things 😀

I really want to finish it off with this one, which is my favorite part of the OP for some odd reason.  It will be incredibly difficult just because of the amount of detail, and I think I might have more luck just redrawing it instead…

Tsukihime OP - group

We’ll see how it goes. I at least managed to put up my rant on Get Smart before I left, too. Until next time!

(oh, and if you still don’t have a clue, it’s Tsukihime)

We believe in one God…but came for free gas!

5 June, 2008

This is cited from: this CNN article.

So much for spaghetti suppers: The First Baptist Church of Snellville is fueling its membership drive with a sign in front of its sprawling campus proclaiming “Free Gasoline.”

Now this is serious, and to me embodies everything that has gone WRONG with the United States, and maybe even the world. It’s one thing to complain that we have high prices for gasoline. Obviously, we’re in a bit of new territory with gas averaging $4 instead of the $3.20 last year. But seriously, is it really that BAD?! We are talking about having some decent priced gas in comparison to the rest of the world – heck, Britain is just about $8 when you do the conversions, and Japan, which is still a pricey as **** place to live, is just about the same price. So really, all we’ve done is match the world, and we still do nothing but complain.

To me, this should be all about American ingenuity, and our ability to adapt to the situation. Can’t afford the gas? Carpool, anybody? I drive out every morning and still see so many cars on the freeways with just single drivers. To top it all off, some of them drive Hummer H2s!! What in God’s name could you POSSIBLY need an H2 at work for?! Ridiculous!

But the lowpoint is really when churches respond by offering FREE GAS to people to get them active in the religious community. Has it become such that religion needs to BRIBE people to come listen to the Word of God? Granted, I’m not saying that everybody should be religions, everybody has a right to their own opinions. But when you start seeing things where people should be going to worship and hear the message of God, but instead are enticed by worldly things, that somewhat puts me off.

I’m just glad we’re seeing change on the horizon. I mean, LARGE SCALE CHANGES. Maybe some good will come out of it all.

Kazama Sushi

8 March, 2008

Kazama Sushi is a small-ish Japanese restaurant located in the newly opened area of the Claremont Village (by the Cannery). Only recently opened, it is interesting to see how it will play out against long-standing restaurants like Kinya Sushi, which is right across the street, and has been around for much longer than this. I decided to go take a look at Kazama, and while I was pleasantly surprised by the food, I still have some reservations about the restaurant in general.
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30 October, 2007

I am in love with the new Lamborghini.  The Reventon.  Yeah, the one that has a production line of 20 cars…and is like a million dollars.  But it really does look like a jet fighter!  And it looks fucking amazing to me.

I’m so floored by the car that I made a wallpaper after…oh, 4 years of not doing so?  It’s been a long time, and it’s still a W.i.P., so I’ll touch it up when I have time.     I know it’s a kind of weird resolution, but again…work in progress! here’s the link 🙂

reventon wp draft 1