Macross Frontier Ep. 16: Ranka Attack

28 July, 2008

I’m going for a more compact review this time around.  I don’t think a really, really detailed summary helps anybody, so I’m just going to highlight the events in the episode and roll on from there.  Hope it works for everybody, if not, drop a line with some suggestions.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this episode.  I understand that this and the previous episode try their best to bridge the distance between the first and second halves of the series, and I think it’s done well enough to follow without too much trouble.  However, there is an air of urgency around the entire thing, and in my opinion, the plot is suddenly rushed instead of the usual flowing storytelling we’ve become used to in Frontier.  I almost worry that the producers are trying to cram too much into the remaining episodes, and that the added weight will sink the series.

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Clannad Ep. 24: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter

25 July, 2008

With their previous anime adaptations in Kanon and Air being received fairly well by the anime community, Key decided to put a third visual novel into anime form: Clannad.  Unlike previous Key adaptations, however, Clannad has a DVD OVA that has a totally different ending than the rest of the television series: a Tomoyo x Tomoya ending.  It’s kind of fun to watch and will certainly tide some fans over until the second season, but it also highlights what I think is a very big societal issue.

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Kara no Kyoukai Chapter 3: Remaining Sense of Pain

25 July, 2008

[空の境界/第三章 痛覚残留]

I figured out what was wrong with my screencapping and now I can take them at the right resolution.  I’ll try to go back and fix 2 soon.  I may not fix Chapter 1 just because it’s so old, and I need to find my DVD again (bad habit of piling things into boxes), but who knows, it could happen.  It depends on how much free time I have.

Anyway, chapter 3 seems like the answer to most of the complaints about the series so far (how it may be too vague, too slow, etc).  Chapter 3 is certainly much more fast-paced than either of the previous movies, and for those who have stuck with it to this point, we were certainly rewarded with the best installment of the series so far.  Here we have an example of something that could stand by itself, and yet still fit into the larger puzzle.

And as I mention at the end, because I can’t seem to write good summaries, this is probably the last one.  The rest of them will still have plenty of images to look at, but will be simply impressions.  If you like the current format (I try to make the reading interesting at least), let me know and I’ll consider it.

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Kara no Kyoukai Chapter 2: Murderer Study

22 July, 2008

[空の境界/第二章 殺人考察(前)]

Well, after the somewhat fast paced first chapter, this may seem slow.  Actually, it is pretty slow.  However, it does give us the background to the central character of the entire series: Ryogi Shiki.  Since her background is so unique, it became almost necessary to have this come so quickly, or else things would just get hopelessly convoluted (they’re already confusing enough).  Anyway, don’t expect much of the Mystic Eyes here.  What we have is an explanation of Shiki’s character, and it’ll carry over to Chapter 3 and beyond, which I expect will be much, much faster paced.  Still, this is an important chapter to watch.  Pay attention; those little details here and there may just turn out to be important.  Oh, and as always, there’s a wallpaper at the bottom of this post.  🙂

(I know, the image quality is pretty bad.  MPC doesn’t like saving to the correct resolution, and I have no idea how to fix it.  If you have any ideas, please send them to me so I can replace these squishy screenshots with good ones.)

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Macross Frontier Ep. 15: Lost Peace

19 July, 2008

Well, 15 episodes into the 25 episode season and we finally get some sort of a “recap” episode.  Unlike most series, however, this one still offers a bit of progression, as it splits into a 50/50 division of recap and continuation.  Regardless, I have some mixed feelings about this episode, especially after the pure awesomeness that was episode 14.  However, I do kind of realize that for where the series is going, this episode is important and needed to be done.

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SSBM, sprite style??

18 July, 2008

A quick surf through one of three remaining good boards at 4chan (/w/) yielded this, so I thought I might share with everybody.  I personally like it quite a bit.

MUGEN meets Smash Bros...

KnK 2, Macross 15, and Clannad alternate ending coming soon-ish.  I’ve also decided to help TL a project, so look out for that too.

Macross Frontier Ep.13+14

16 July, 2008

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I did something that didn’t involve food on this site.  However, I am a bit jetlagged, so this maybe a bit shorter than usual.  I’m combining 13 and 14 because a) I’m lazy to write both up in painstaking detail, b) they run pretty close together, and c) I can now catch up for 15 this week.  Enjoy!

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