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27 September, 2008

I first started this blog as a place for me to ramble…then decided it’d be fun to review some of the things I’m watching.  Or eating, I suppose.  Anyway, I guess some of you find it amusing too, so…

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Let’s see if I can hit 20,000 faster.  🙂

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Macross Frontier Ep. 25: Your Sound

25 September, 2008


Okay, seriously now.  This is probably as formulaic as you get with a series end, but then again, who did NOT see this coming?  Macross can never end on a down note, so it really restricts the possible outcomes the producers could have chosen.  Regardless of that fact, however, this episode is still highly enjoyable, if not a little rushed and maybe…just maybe a little too fast-paced for my likings.  Oh well, at least there’s an announced movie for the series.  Maybe that will give it all a better sense of finality.

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Macross Frontier Ep. 24: Last Frontier

21 September, 2008

Pictures first, words tomorrow-ish.  I did go a bit overboard with the pictures though.  I should also say that, well, after the last two episodes, this was pretty damn good, and the cliffhanger…oooh, way to go, producers.

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Macross Frontier Ep. 23: True Begin

18 September, 2008

I’ve been lazy about writing this. I think it’s because of my sudden drop in interest in what’s going on. The overall lack of movement and just absurdly slow pacing is really killing the end of this series. Of course, there are other factors, but I’ll explain those later. In any case, if this was the “true begin” of the series, I probably would have dropped it in a few episodes. Let’s just hope that the final two episodes give a “true end”…

I do hope, however, that we aren’t getting trolled.

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Macross Frontier Ep. 22: Northern Cross

9 September, 2008

Somehow the emotional impact just completely dropped off for the first ten minutes of this episode.  We get a little recovery later on, but in my opinion, the emotions were put on backburner for this one.  Rather, what we’re seeing is the stage being set for the final run.  The choices have been made, and for the last two episodes, we’re going to see the consequences.

Sorry for the delay on this, been so busy…I was going to combine this and 23, but this weekend doesn’t look too pretty either.  I have pictures up after the break, and comments tomorrow evening.

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