Kannagi Ep. 5: Discovery! Love the Dining Table Spirit

Oh my.

Well that happened pretty quickly.  Zange comes out weapons firing, only to have her slip up horrendously in the end.  Well, I guess all three girls ended up not doing so hot in their first competition.  At least now Nagi has a reason for wearing the school uniform, right?  Speaking of which, Nagi is adorable in that uniform.  Seriously.  Anyway, typical pictures now, text later arrangement.

Ciel would kick her ass so quick...Except for...yeah that.I has a plan!

Kaede, where are you???Nagi watched Kitchen Nightmares and learned from Gordon.All form, and no substance!

It's like a little kid came to town XDYour little sister is more popular than you, haha.Teachers association!

Super Kannagi Sistersidol mode ONYour fans.  I'll take them!

wtb exorcist kthxcan't we all just get along?holy crap, a male lead that thinks!

baldy is related to wanyuudou?Divinity power up!Oooh, shiny.

Aww aren't they cute?Nagi wins in all categories.awww *gushes*

Milk into...miso...ewwwwwwwFlashlight runs on the power of SPIRITThe sibling wars continue...


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