To-LoveRu OVA2: Rito and Mikan

Mikan = best imouto ever?

Why am I doing this…?

Honestly, I have no idea.  Something about my being a ‘completionist’ – OVA1 is done, might as well do OVA2.  Not like it took a lot of brain power anyway.  Enjoy the screenshots after the break.

An even younger Mikan, but just as adorable?Lala: Harbinger of bad food.Mikan is not amused.

Nee, a-na-ta?Lala turns up the sexiness...and still somehow fails miserably.That wasn't Tide, was it?


Mikan is spacing out on the couch, reminiscing of her younger days playing with Rito in the snow.  Rito snaps her back out of it, but then proceeds to have all sorts of mischief with Lala, from a habanero shaved ice, to refusing a telemarketer while trying to get Lala to put more clothes on, and failing miserably to do the laundry.  It all ends up with Mikan extremely irritated with Rito and his ‘wife’, and she storms out of the house on her own with no particular direction in mind.

Rito wants to be a girl again!  With Mikan's stuff!Mikan's bra stays on Mikan!Flashback to overly cute Mikan again.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww~FYI, Mikan is orange in Japanese.Swimsuits in the Super?  Hmm...

Rito gives chase, but Mikan has too much of a head start.  Eventually he finds himself in a Tenjouin-owned mall complex, who tries to help out but confuses ‘Mikan’ with ‘mikan’…that is, oranges.  Even the level-headed Kotegawa is unable to stop Saki’s antics, and everything culminates with a yakiniku-battle between a nearly naked Lala and a swimsuit wearing Saki.  With one too salty and one too hot, as well as nearly everybody’s clothes coming off, Saki eventually lets Rito and Lala on their way, where they eventually split up to look for Mikan.  Rito hears from Sairenji where his little sister is, and runs for it.

Yami to the rescue :)Yami <3s MikanMakes me kinda hungry.

Habaniku!As usual, it doesn't quite work.Story of the Japanese sale, haha

Yami, who had been keeping Mikan company, departs so Rito and Mikan can be together.  For the most part, Mikan teases her older brother, but is happy to be spending time with Rito again.  They eventually return to the park they played in as children, where Lala decides to help out by creating a little bit of snow to get the ‘mood’ back in the park, but it all goes a bit awry as the city is slammed with a blizzard.

Future couple?  Naaah, not before the manga ends.Yami is adorable when her hair isn't a frickin' knife.Japan says sorry by praying XD

Onii-chan gets teased by the evil lil' imouto.Snow in summer!!!Bit too much snow in summer..


  • Do I really need to say anything else?
  • Fine, in a nutshell: what are you doing watching this for story?  It’s rubbish.  But at least they gave a worthwhile character (read: Mikan) plenty of screentime.  A little Yami doesn’t hurt either, I guess.
  • See below.  Something about censorship is floating around Japan, so I’d love to know how many politicians went “WHAT THE F***?!” at this.

Fetish #1: Naked Apron!HOW IS THIS EVEN LEGAL!?More naked apron!

Fetish #2: You figure this one out.Still more examples of #2..And the last of them all.


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