Recommendations for next season

29 August, 2008

I am considering picking up shows next season and actually posting on a more regular basis.  After all, with just one show, this place gets…pretty boring quickly.  I’m probably going to look at Jigoku Shoujo, but I’m open to other shows.  If you have suggestions, leave me a comment!

If I don’t get anything, I might just join Saber and sleep on the sidelines XD


Macross Frontier Ep. 21: Blue Ether

28 August, 2008

This series continues to amaze me with its music.  Keeping with the recent trend of “ED songs are titles too”, the song “Blue Ether” is one of the most powerful songs in the series, and is the most powerful out of all of Ranka’s songs (which are usually playful).  The series continues on its emotional rollercoaster, and while I’d love to say the end is in sight, it was clearly not meant to be in this episode.  I stand by my opinion in that episode 20 is the best episode in the series so far.  However, this is a fairly good continuation episode, especially riding on something as tragic as the events in 20.

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Macross Frontier Ep. 20: Diamond Crevasse

22 August, 2008

As a quick review: I never, NEVER thought the original “Diamond Crevasse” could be topped.  Boy, was I wrong.  I nearly cried in this episode…and later on, I actually sort of did.  This is quite possibly the most moving episode I’ve seen this entire season.  Let’s just face it, too.  If you watched the episode, you definitely did not see THAT one coming when it started.  As usual, after the break is a summary, but I really recommend that you watch this episode first, and not spoil yourself.

Let’s just hope that the series doesn’t hit a wall, because this is going to be a memorable one if they end things right.

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Macross Frontier OP2 ED2 Single: Lion

21 August, 2008

Well, the single for both new OP and ED of Macross Frontier is out.  I think I’ve talked enough about it, so just go grab it if you can find it.  Honestly, it was one of the first singles I didn’t have a second thought about buying.  The single only has the two songs and their karaoke versions, however, so it is kind of depressing that there isn’t any B track or anything.

Oh well, the sheer awesomeness that is “Lion” and “Northern Cross” makes up for it.  Images from the CD after break.

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Macross Frontier Ep. 19: Triangular

17 August, 2008

In the end, the episode name fits.  I was really hoping the love triangle would’ve been finished by now, but it looks like we have to tough things out…quite possibly to the very end.  Anyway, behind the “We beat the #^#%! outta the Vajra and ran” celebration lies a much, much darker story.  Things are definitely coming to a head, and it looks like one heck of a race to the finish of this series.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Macross Frontier (admittedly, it was mostly due to the excellent music), but I really can’t wait for next week to come – it’s just that good right now.  It could also be that I can’t get enough of ‘Lion’, which to me is in the running for the best OP of the season.  ‘Lions licking themselves’ line notwithstanding.

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Chicky BBQ & Grill

12 August, 2008

Now for something a little different – another food entry!  I haven’t had really good Indonesian food in a long time, so I decided to go look for a restaurant that could match some of mother’s home cooking.  I’d been to Toko Rame before, but wasn’t too thrilled.  Therefore, it was time to pay a visit to Chicky, a local venue that participates in a weekly Indonesian food festival outside of the Duarte Inn.  I’m impressed with some of their dishes, but I found some of them rather lacking.  It’s no home cooking, but considering how rare Indonesian restaurants are, it’s worth a look if you’re in the mood.

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Macross Frontier Ep. 18: Fold Fame

11 August, 2008

Poor Sheryl, we finally see her for an extended period of time again and she’s a total wreck.  It’s not the magical “rags to riches” story for her, either.  Grace has also been revealed to be an insane ghoul with human skin.  Anyway, we get an episode that moves forward at a much slower pace than before.  This is probably because we finally see more of Sheryl’s history, and make a bit of progress into her part of the series.  It all ends with a bang.  Literally.

To borrow a phrase, though: Isn’t it sad, Sacchin Sheryl?

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