ToraDora! Ep. 5: Kawashima Ami

31 October, 2008

Well…it’s better than before.  Kawashima Ami certainly brings a new aspect to the series, but her character is pretty standard-ish, and doesn’t add much.  It draws out more of Taiga’s weaker side for now, but I doubt that’ll stay for long.  So this series now rests pretty much on Taiga’s tsundere antics, Minori’s randomness, and the overall insanity of high school relationships waiting to happen.  I’m not terribly amused, but it’s not complete and utter rubbish, I guess.

I should take this moment to say that I’ve dropped Akane-iro, which is now in my “this is ridiculously bad” pile.

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ToraDora! Ep. 4: Your Expression That Time

22 October, 2008

Small bit of redemption for Taiga’s character, but I could’ve sworn this series was supposed to have comedic elements.  I think I managed to keep a deadpan face the entire time I watched this episode, so it’s not looking good on that front.  It could have been better, but it definitely could’ve gone a lot worse too.  I guess this series is doomed to averageness in my books.

Update: translation notes for [gg] here.  I missed some stuff because I didn’t really bother to fully TL in my head, so read this if you’re really interested.  Also, WHAT AT CLANNAD REFERENCE?

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ToraDora! Ep. 3: Your Song

16 October, 2008

Compared to the first episode, this week’s ToraDora! was pretty boring.  It’s started to cave in on itself, becoming more of the typical ‘tsundere’ anime as more of Taiga’s personality is revealed.  Also, I mentioned earlier that Kushieda Minori is pretty much a moe-blob side character; well this episode doesn’t help her cause in any way, shape, or form.  In fact, I think that she’s only around to perform the role of Ryuuji’s secret crush, aka an excuse for Taiga to kick his ass.  I’m not particularly amused with what I consider a horrendous drop in animation quality and plot since the series began.

It’s really annoying how all of the shows I really like are all showing on Saturday, and my Wednesday is filled with…well, Rosario+Vampire and ToraDora!.  Schedule fail!

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ToraDora! Ep. 2: Ryuuji and Taiga

11 October, 2008

ToraDora! is still a question mark in my head.  On one hand, it’s quite different from other tsundere anime, and that makes it unique.  Taiga is one of the better characters to be voiced by Kugimiya Rie, and it’s much more gratifying to hear a wider range in her voice than when she voices Shana or Louise.  For all the enjoyable moments in Episode 1, however, this one seems to take a step back.  It’s still enjoyable, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as I liked Kannagi.

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ToraDora! Ep. 1: Tiger and Dragon

2 October, 2008

ToraDora!  On paper, it looks like just another tsundere anime along the same veins as Zero no Tsukaima, Shana…well, basically any recent anime that has made use of Kugimiya Rie.  I’ll admit first off that I have never even touched the series’ light novels, and only recently read the manga, so I won’t be making any comparisons to the source material.  However, based on the first episode, I at least have a positive outlook on this series.  I’ll keep it for the next episode or two before I make a decision whether to drop it or not.

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