Mai-Otome Zwei ED02: “Storm” (Koshimizu Ami)

14 May, 2009

Old series is ollllld.
I like this song enough to post my translation of the lyrics.  They’re probably not completely correct (does anybody have a scan of the official lyrics?  Do those even exist?!), but I think they should be close.  Grammar…bleh, where’s a TLCer when you need one?.

Comments / corrections welcome.  Enjoy!

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Macross Frontier Vocal Collection (OST3) – Nyan Tama

2 December, 2008

Uh oh...ANOTHER soundtrack.

It’s yet ANOTHER Macross Frontier soundtrack, but this time it’s a vocal collection.  What does that mean?  It’s pretty much rehashing all of the songs found in Macross Frontier with a few extra goodies thrown in.  If you already have the first two, then this one (in my opinion) is pretty worthless.  Sure, there are some interesting new renditions combining May’n and Megumi’s voices, but it’s still the same old song and dance. There’s about…six different versions of ‘Aimo’.  SIX.  Are you serious?  Even I got sick of that song already…

Three songs do strike my attention though:

  • Infinity #7 – ‘Infinity’ with a duet between the two main vocalists.  Somehow it works a lot better for me with Megumi contributing her voice in certain sections.  It’s not as rough as before.
  • Diamond Crevasse 50/50 – Megumi gets a chance at my favorite song of the series, but she lacks the power that is found when May’n sings it.  It’s as if she were going through the motions (maybe she was, considering how many times this had to be sung), whereas May’n actually sounded like she was opening her soul, if that makes any sense.
  • Haha to Ko Ranka no Aimo – Yes, one of the new Aimo renditions.  However, Sakamoto Maaya’s voice gives a nice contrast to this song, and makes it much more…peaceful.  It’s overplayed, but this is the best version, in my opinion.  However, Sheryl’s version isn’t bad either…it’s just more haunting than anything else.

Macross Frontier OST2: Nyan TRA

10 October, 2008

TRA for Track, apparently (thx Hikaru).  Anyway, with an amazingly long list of songs, it was pretty obvious that Macross Frontier needed a second official soundtrack to cover the remainder of the series.  I’ve been pretty eager to get my hands on this one for a long time now, especially for one particular track (more on that later).  I’m really glad, though, that the second soundtrack maintains the high quality set by the first collection.  This isn’t one for just Macross fans; anybody can listen to this and appreciate the thought and work that went into it.  Song list, thoughts, and more booklet pictures after the break.

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Macross Frontier OP2 ED2 Single: Lion

21 August, 2008

Well, the single for both new OP and ED of Macross Frontier is out.  I think I’ve talked enough about it, so just go grab it if you can find it.  Honestly, it was one of the first singles I didn’t have a second thought about buying.  The single only has the two songs and their karaoke versions, however, so it is kind of depressing that there isn’t any B track or anything.

Oh well, the sheer awesomeness that is “Lion” and “Northern Cross” makes up for it.  Images from the CD after break.

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Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee’s Debut Single, “Seikan Hikou”

27 June, 2008

CD Cover - Seikan Hikou

To be honest, I grabbed this just for Neko Nikki, which was the cutesy end to Episode 11.  It didn’t turn out all that bad, I guess.

Track list (in Romaji):

  1. Seikan Hikou
  2. Neko Nikki
  3. Ai Oboete Imasuka – Deculture Size
  4. Watashi no Kare wa Pilot – Miss Macross 2059
  5. Seikan Hikou – w/o Ranka
  6. Ai Oboete Imasuka – Deculture Size – w/o Ranka

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Poets of the Fall: Revolution Roulette

7 June, 2008

Revolution Roulette Cover

Track list
1. More
2. The Ultimate Fling
3. Revolution Roulette
4. Psychosis
5. Fragile
6. Clevermind
7. Miss Impossible
8. Diamonds For Tears
9. Passion Colors Everything
10. Save Me
11. Where Do We Draw The Line

Overall impressions: Make no mistake about it. Since their first album, Signs of Life, Poets of the Fall have becoming increasingly dark in their music. Their title song from Carnival of Rust had a strange, dreamlike PV that accompanied some equally haunting lyrics. With their third album, Revolution Roulette, PotF continues to crank out new tunes. Their sound is unmistakably there, with Marko’s leading vocals and the background accompaniment that ranges from haunting (I hate to use the same word twice, but it really is) lullabies to heavy rock sections. Revolution Roulette, however, has a darker and edgier feeling about it, and it’s a formula that has propelled it to stardom in Finland, hitting the #1 spot on their charts immediately after its release. To me, this certainly is a strong album, but it still has some faults.

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