Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 18: Special Radio

Foreboding enough for you?

To be perfectly honest, I’ve already finished Mitsuganae, but I’ve been far too lazy to actually write about it.  I’ll try to clear the backlog in good time, however.  Meanwhile, only one show has caught me eye so far for the new season: K-On!  The others…well, so far they’re falling flat on their faces, although Tears to Tiara may have SOME promise.  If I clear this backlog in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll start that maybe.  Speaking of backlogs, I’ve had Abyss done for like…ever.

Back to this episode.  Simply put?  I couldn’t buy into this episode at all.  Especially looking at it in hindsight, with so much goodness at the end of the series…meh, well, here you go.  For completeness sake.

Yuzuki you're supposed to be doing homework!And you...never mind.Chie <3 bells

Chiriko would rather listen to the radio than sleep...jeez.Seriously, go to sleep.Meanwhile, other people listen to radios...WHERE!?


Late night radio shows seem to be popular amongst the high school girls, and one has taken a particular interest in DJ Joutarou.  Calling herself Chie-san on the show, Chiriko contributes often, and listens almost every night.  Her unabashed fandom of the radio show earns her several supporters in her class, who recognize her as ‘Chie-san’ after she wears her bracelet to school.  With the entire class interested, everybody tunes in that evening to listen to the program.

Holy CRAP, girl needs a boyfriend.  NOW.Ai, you too?  :(Kaname?  Throwaway character #247147

Insert fan service here.Hone-Onna knows what's going on.  Refer to season 1.FAILURE OF A LIFETIME!

Chiriko actually believes in the Cinderella-esque magic Joutarou speaks of over the airwaves, and the program has enough support that despite Hone-Onna’s scathing review, even Ai tunes in for the heck of it.  Returning home from school, Chiriko is intercepted by another girl – Kaname, also known as the Frog Princess, a well-known contributor to the same show.  The two get along quite well, given that they both admire the same radio show.  That night, Chiriko is astounded how personal Joutarou seems to connect with her (after all, Joutarou says he likes her type!).  Kaname missed the show for personal reasons, but invites Chiriko to come with her and meet Joutarou and the writer, Yume.

Kirichi Yume, professional script writer.Presents!  Presents!Uh oh RAAAAGE iminent.

RAAAAAAAAAGE!!!Oho, it is scripted!Ai, end this, it hurts my brain...

At the station, Kaname reveals that she’s actually a huge fan of Yume’s, not Joutarou’s.  With Chiriko confused, Yume and Kaname discuss the future of a script writer, and Yume actually gives Kaname one of the older scripts for the radio program.  Chiriko finds it hard to accept that the entire thing is scripted until she hears the lines Joutarou spoke the night before.  Yume discusses the joy of creating a character from nothingness, and looks forward to working with Kaname in the future.  Disgusted, Chiriko accesses Jigoku Tsuushin and the next day sends Kaname to Hell for her blasphemy.  Cut to days later, where Chiriko has multiple bells on her bracelet, and is practically hikikomori for Joutarou…

Pull the string!  Pull the string!BFF?  nothxOh god she's gone batshit insane.

Yuzuki FAILS.  AGAIN.Words completely fail me.Yuzuki become an hero pls you fail


  • Whoever thought this episode was a good idea should be shot.  Note to those of you who might read this before you see it: SKIP!  You’ll be glad you did!

Flowers of hate?Still tryin'?Bodyguard of badassery.


Flower arranging is harder than you think.


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    …..I don’t even understand it. 0o

  2. coping with bipolar disorder…

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