To-LoveRu OVA: Rito Becomes a Girl time post on this series. Really.

Godawful series, and the manga isn’t doing so hot these days either (rumored shut down soon, I think).  However, they did finally get around to animating one of the more amusing arcs in the manga.  Suffice it to say that this is about as unfiltered as fan service can get.  Meh, enjoy the screenshots.

On a sidenote, this is still better than Queen’s Blade.  Godawful show, that one.

Saruyama, breast connoisseurGhosts can have some nice racks too!Kotegawa: the only redeeming character in this mess of a show.

Swimsuits at school?  Oh Japan.Oh Yami... O_ORito -> Riko!


Saruyama can’t help but notice Lala’s beautiful bosoms as she runs around the track during PE.  With her unfamiliarity with the subject, Lala decides to ask the other girls what they thought of their…assets.  Her innocent antics cause an uproar in the changing room and throughout the school, but she gets enough data to create a supposedly helpful invention.  She even gets some input from Yami, who tries to see herself as a bigger and taller woman.  During her fantasies, however, Rito walks in and ends up getting his ass handed to him.  Outside is Lala’s new ‘rocket’ that is designed to increase the womanhood of whoever it hits.  As luck would have it, Yami’s attacks land Rito on the rocket, transforming him into a girl.

IT'S NOT THERE!  IT'S NOT THERE!!!So...Riko's not a trap, right?  Right?2nd redeeming character of this series: Mikan

Jeez, they're really dense, or the transformation was ridiculously good.Hahaha, poor guy.PRINCIPAL <3

With his day ruined, Rito hides at home, where he goes through Hell trying to get through the day without having naughty thoughts.  Mikan and Lala continue to make fun of him, but Rito runs out when Mikan suggests putting on one of Lala’s bras.  Outside does not offer much relief for the poor Rito, however, as he runs into Haruna and Oshizu, who couldn’t recognize him/her.  Furthermore, Rito is aware of the stares he’s getting from pretty much every guy in the city, including none other than Saruyama.  Things blow over when the principal plants a wet one on Rito’s cheek, knocking him out cold.

Saki army, advance!Suddenly have flashbacks to Akane Iro...Party in the bath!

Lose the towels please?Sisterly <3Sisterly love time?

When Rito wakes up, he is in Saki’s mansion.  Saki’s friends force him to put a dress on, and Rito hastily introduces himself as ‘Riko’, and claims amnesia to explain off why (s)he can’t remember where she came from.  Saki offers Riko a place to stay until the amnesia goes away, but first, it’s off to the bath.  The family bath is humongous, and the girls enjoy a bit of relaxation.  While Rito sits in embarassment, he starts fantasizing what would happened if he remained as Riko…and suddenly, it’s not that bad.  As ‘Riko’ touches the other girls assets, however, ‘Riko’ s’ own breasts grow to insane proportions, then explode, leaving a flat chest.  Saki and the others are confused what’s going on, but Lala explodes on the scene with a Bazooka-esque invention, returning Rito to normal.  Only one problem: the other girls are still naked.

Typical women's changing room anticsHoly crap, variable oppai!All hail the flat chest!

Lala Bazooka!And Rito gets pwnt big time.  Poor guy.Oshizu needs a different hobby.  Drawing FAIL


  • Shut your brain off and enjoy the fan service.
  • With that said, this was one of the better arcs from the manga, and I was honestly surprised that it never made it into the regular season.  I guess they didn’t want to dilute it with the necessary censorship to get it on mainstream TV.
  • When was the last time you saw a mansion with a POOL for a bath, and with MP5s nearby for self defense?  The ridiculousness continues.  But that’s nowhere near as bad as an alien princess with a knack for inventing useless crap, right?
  • This post took 5 minutes to write.  Really, forget the story already.  Just watch.  Chortle.  Then delete.

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