Tales of the Abyss Ep. 23 + 24

So many still group shots in this series.

Getting close to the final battle, and somehow this series just isn’t doing it for me that well.  As it reaches some climatic point, shouldn’t it be building the hype, or at least building on the energy it had managed to create before?  No, this just continues to slog on through the story set by the video game.  The emotion and energy seems to go through highs and lows, as 24 seemed just so incredibly slow compared to its immediate predecessor.  I can’t help but think that, with a little more planning and better execution, this could’ve been so much better.  Hopefully, though, things can end on a solid note.

Sorrowful Parting

I has a new hat!Natalia has no idea where Largo's fashion sense came from.Luke: professional bearer of bad news.

Awww, it's a snow globe!Since when have they been bestest friends anyway?(insert over 9000 jokes here)

With the group reassembled in Kimlasca territory, the New Order of Lorelei sends a messenger: Largo, decked out in new armor.  He delivers Mohs’ ultimatum of joining the New Order or perishing with the old, but old King Ingobert refuses.  As Largo leaves, however, Luke tosses the pendant he found towards Largo.  With Natalia confused, the king and Luke take Natalia aside to explain that Largo is actually her father.  Distraught, Natalia takes some time away to think, but eventually returns and offers to help Luke and the others by dealing with her father herself.

With Spinoza analyzing the Jewel and finding that it can deactivate the Planet Storm, the group devises a plan to attack both the Absorption and Radiation Gate using the jewel and Tear’s fonic hymns.  Jade, Anise, and Tear take the Absorption Gate, leaving Luke, Natalia, and Guy to the Radiation Gate.

So that's what purgatory looks like in anime.Dude, we're lost.  wtf.Can't.see...with...hat!

Grand CrosspwntThis is gonna scar her for life ><...oh wait nvm this is anime nobody is scarred for life XD

At the absorption gate, Mohs awaits their arrival, along with another replica of Ion and a resurrected Van.  Van reveals that by using his hymns at the last minute, he was able to pull his fonons back together and resurrect himself with the power of Lorelei.  However, as he is not ready to face his sister and her friends in battle just yet, he withdraws and leaves things in the hands of Mohs.  Anise rushes forward to protect the defenseless Ion-clone, and Tear makes short work of a deranged Mohs with a use of ‘Grand Cross’.

At the Radiation Gate, Largo awaits Luke’s team.  Although Natalia tries to sway her father, he stands unwavering in his support for Van.  After all, the Score is what had taken his daughter (and ultimately his wife) away from him, and Van’s promise of building a world without need for the score proved to be too good to resist.  Before Van can kill Luke, however, Natalia plants an arrow in his back, and Largo the Black Lion falls.  With Luke and Tear closing the gates, Eldrant’s defenses fall, and the offensive begins.

Land of Glory

puhi, puhi!dude WTFla la la la laaaaa

Guess it's not a secret, eh Luke?yet another /a/ face!SEIBAAAAA IS THAT YOU!?

With the Planet Storm defenses down, the Malkuth navy advances on Eldrant, only to be turned away by its offensive capabilities.  This time, Luke and his group return to Malkuth, where Emperor Peony offers them a place to rest before they continue their mission.  It’s their job to infiltrate Eldrant and finish things once and for all.  Luke and Asch are again at odds with each other, with Asch leaving for Eldrant first after Luke raves on how he has his own identity. The group splits and heads for various parts of the city for some R&R before the final battle.

Tear goes back to the cathedral and begins singing a hymn that her brother sang to her long ago while Luke sits back and enjoys the music.  As they’re about to leave, however, Luke has one of his attacks again, and his hands begin to disappear.  Tear reveals that she already knew about his condition; as it disappates, Luke recovers and the two continue on.  Meanwhile, Guy and Natalia are boring and head to the docks.

Natalia <3? GuyHow did Anise get in the bar?Awwwwww everybody's favorite Abyss couple

Noelle leveled up to ZOMG AMAZING PILOTIt's like a poorly made starship lol>_>!

In the evening, Anise catches up with Jade at the bar, where Jade reveals his grand plan to…well, go back to normal when the battle is said and done.  Anise, on the other hand, has great plans to reorganize and restore the Order of Lorelei.  Jade wishes her well, then pushes her out of the door so he can get his drink on.  While he drinks, Tear and Luke go stargazing on the Albiore, while Noelle and Mieu try not to peep.

The next day, the attack commences, and while Malkuth and Kimlasca forces pour on the firepower, both the Albiore and Albiore III make their runs on Eldrant.  Ultimately Albiore III gets in first by literally knocking out a turret.  Soon enough, Eldrant falls to the surface, and Noelle is able to guide the Albiore in.  The final boss waits upstairs…


  • Way to downplay the DORAMA, guys.  Could’ve been a nice Episode 23, but Natalia seems to go from BAWWWWW to LET’S ROCK mode almost instantaneously.  The woman is probably the strangest character out of all of them, as it seems like her emotions are all really, really shallow.  I mean, you’d think she’d have to check herself into a psych ward after shooting HER FATHER IN THE BACK.  Nope, I guess not.  For the good of the world!
  • Mohs got instantaneously pwnt by Tear.  Clearly she’s like…the super Oracle Knight, since the other ones can’t even use fonic hymns correctly.  Grand Cross = 1 shot kill!
  • So everybody else has shown off their arte by now.  Luke, however, is devoid of anything more than yelling and swinging his sword around.  Seriously, how did this guy get so ‘strong’ in the anime?  They aren’t cutting him any slack at all!  ‘Radiant Howl’, anybody?
  • I swear I saw Saber.  I SWEAR I DID.

Sensing an evil presence?Oh wow cloning BUILDINGS.2nd to last showdown?


One more 2-episode-r and it’s all done!


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