Tales of the Abyss Ep. 22: The Vanishing One

Jade could use some anti-reflective wipes right about now.  Anybody?

So I’ve found that these 12-screenshot formatted posts works pretty well for Tales of the Abyss.  Sure, I miss out on some of the glitzy stuff I might’ve captured before, but overall it gets the point across.  Quite frankly, it’s difficult to carve out some time to do this these days, so this cuts down on my writing and formatting significantly.  Plus, my memory is getting fuzzy O_o;;

Anyway, it’s off to the ridiculously tall tower that all Tales of games seem to have.  Luke is off to be the martyr…again.  Overall, decently executed, but it’s one of those ‘ho hum’ episodes that really doesn’t bring much to the table.

I bet THAT wasn't in the job description.Sup guyz liek mai ride!Jade wins by Instant KO.

Guy really wants Jade to use AR wipes.  Hard enough to read him as it is.Anise is ;_; too muchTear can't be thrilled with her <3 committing suicide.

While Asch’s mercenaries and Noelle form a barricade outside of the tower, Luke and the others rush upwards, where they find…more replicas (amusingly, they managed to beat Asch to the top!).  Dist provides some amusement by showing up in a humongous but somewhat unwieldy-looking BattleMech.  With Jade in no mood for Dist’s theatrics, however, the others step aside and let the Colonel take over.  With the arte ‘Mystic Cage’, Dist disappears in a nice big explosion.

Back to the matters at hand, and Asch finally shows up to confront the dreck that is his replica.  As they discuss amongst themselves what place do replicas have in the world, Asch leaves them (again) to figure out who will die with the 10,000 replicas in the tower.  Flashback to Kimlasca, where Jade had mentioned that by sacrificing Luke (replica), they’d be able to retain Luke (original).  Although the others are clearly unhappy with the thought, Luke gives it some serious thought.

They really liked cloning Guy's sister...I wanna be an hero!  Gimme!  WahhhhhOh no!

TEAMWORK.Dude, wtf is this?Eavesdropping is not nice!

In the end, even Tear cannot talk Luke out of martyrdom, and the group returns to the top of the tower for the last time.  The replicas agree to sacrifice themselves in exchange for the well-being of those still outside of the tower, to which Natalia promises that they will be looked after.  Asch comes in to act as spoilsport, but Luke fends him off, grabs the Key of Lorelei, and begins to hyperresonate.  As he slowly fades away, the Seventh Fonons begin to disperse, and Asch ultimately has to step in and help Luke out.

In the end, both Luke and Asch survive, and Luke has figured out he had the Jewel of Lorelei all along – he just didn’t realize he grabbed it.  With everybody seemingly in one piece, Jade suggests Luke go back to Belkend for a check-up.  With the group back in the city, Luke goes off to the doctor, and comes back with a clean bill of health.  As they all prepare to rest for the evening, however, Jade pulls Luke back, realizing that Luke is lying.  Both of them don’t realize that Mieu and Tear eavesdrop on them in the shadows.


  • See why I only have 12 shots for this episode?  I wouldn’t know what else to write.  It’s basically two scenes and a flashback taking up over 20 minutes worth of time.  Then again, they executed about as well as they probably could have.
  • I did kind of chortle with Luke’s “GIMME YOUR LIVES, I’M GOING WITH YOU!” line.  Ridiculously corny, but hey, it sells, I guess.  But now that I think about it, Luke is way too hellbent on being a martyr.  I know it’s the whole “atonement” thing, but seriously, he’s jumping at every chance he sees that says “this will take away your life”.  Meh, hero complex.  But now, instead of a blaze of glory, he’s just gonna fade to nothingness.  FAIL.
  • Poor Tear.  She’s about to go into full deredere mode.  Oh wait, that’s a couple of episodes from now.
  • Don’t you love how animation just conveniently hides stuff in the body, and extracts them later on at will?  It’s like in Fate/Stay Night, Saber just reached all the way in and took Avalon out.  Here, the Jewel pops outta nowhere (to be fair, at least Luke is disappearing.  Shirou…I dunno O_o;)  There needs to be a gag anime where they reach in and pull out…oops, that’s a lung…
  • Jade – Grandmaster Badass.
  • That mech is quite possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.  You’d think the land of Gundams wouldn’t allow an anime to have such a travesty, but I guess this was an exception.

New armor GET!Ion v2.0?Archers - still the most useless fighters in Tales games.


Japan tries their hand at the ‘”I am your father.”  “Noooooo!”‘ scene, except without pretty swords.  Or dismemberment, probably.


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