Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei: Hajisarashi-hen

Edited just in case of little ones around here ;)

YAY MORE HIGURASHI!  And it’s a fun chapter too!  I believe it’s from a light novel that came boxed with Higurashi Matsuri, but someone correct me if I’m wrong.  Anyway, almost every gets an appearance in this one, and it’s quite a laugher.  Enjoy the fun!  [Mind you, this has been written at like 1 AM, so I could be a wee bit off on my translations…I’m tired.]

Go past the jump for some semi-gravure images of the four main girls, courtesy of this OVA, too.  Yes, consider that my ‘lure’.

(Title image edited for any little eyes that might be prying around here 😉 )

Convenience stores: now selling the latest in sexy swimwear!They're back...!Well, this answers who Keiichi likes the most...



Waking up late, Keiichi rushes out the door, forgetting something very important: his swim trunks.  Desperate to avoid the punishment game of wearing a swan-trunk, Keiichi buys a pair of trunks from the convenience store.  there is, however, a caveat – the trunks are magical, and Keiichi must write his name on it; within three hours, the magic would take effect, but the three hours will be a test for Keiichi to keep it on.  Undaunted and unwilling to wear a swan, Keiichi agrees and heads for the pool, where the others are waiting for him.

Hauuu hauuu~Rika has a little bit of help from...Hanyuu!  Au auu auuuu

Holy crap 34 is hot.And scary at the same time...Ciel-sensei!

At the pool, Mion is informed that the instructions for the magic trunks weren’t followed correctly, and if Keiichi didn’t take the trunks off within the three hour time limit, he would turn incredibly narcissistic, and never look at girls again.  Unable to accept this, the girls begin the contest for removing Keiichi’s trunks, and end of antagonizing Miyo, Chie, Shion, and the Angel Mort otaku brigade into helping them.

Shion, water + electricity = badThis is why you don't rely on an otaku brigade.Huntress Miyo prepares her attack!

Mommy, the lifeguard has something that goes biribiri...K1's worst fears: confirmed.Ridin' one hot wave of GAR there, guys.

Keiichi eventually gets some help from the Soul Brothers, comprised of Mr. Delicious, GARJiro Tomitake, and LolIrie.  Miyo brings out the Yamainu and Shion asks Kasai, but they are met by Okinomiya police.  However, quick thinking by the girls manipulates them into fighting over the trunks for themselves, and they manage to remove the trunks from Keiichi rather easily.  With a crisis averted and Keiichi safely(?) back in the girls’ hands, they plan to enjoy the rest of the day at the pool, but not before Keiichi shows his goods to the girls…

Mizuinu?BOOM HEADSHOT!Oh DAMN, I gotta work out and get that chest.

rei1_231and then...civil war.Everything was fine until he turned around...


Short summary, no?  There really is not much of a story to this.  Keiichi goes to great lengths to get out of his punishment game, but ends up going through a lot of trouble anyway.  The entire thing is really a laugher, though, so the screens don’t really do it justice.  Plus, we get fun shots like these:


And even these:


So hey, there’s a little bit for everybody!  Some other notes:

  • The great part is that convenience stores in Japan, with only a little more effort, could actually offer that kind of stuff.  There’s already all sorts of goods not normally seen in US stores and such, so it’s not much of a stretch.
  • Does becoming a narcissist mean you get a serious tan?  I mean, dang, K1 went from being normal to HOLY CRAP MYSTIC TAN WHERE?!  The man’s gone to the tanning booth a bit much, no?!
  • The girls have gotten a bit more devious.  Gotta love their bait though.  Miyo, K1’s got a holy relic in his pants!  Chie-sensei, K1 put the smell of curry on his pants!  And Shion…oh, well, Shion’s just ridiculous anyway, so whatever.
  • Yamainu hid in the pool that long?  Wonder how many of them brought cameras…XD

Wait, he's...alive??That's more like the Higurashi we all know.Poor Rika never gets anything to go her way.


A new chapter in the Higurashi world that answers the hypothetical question:

What if nothing bad ever happened at Hinamizawa?


3 Responses to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei: Hajisarashi-hen

  1. May says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

  2. LaughingMan says:

    Thanks for the explanation about the episode! Being a Higurashi fan, I got my hands on an unsubbed copy of Rei, but honestly didn’t understand what the heck was going on with the speedos.

  3. Ex Back says:

    My friend on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

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