Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 15: Rabbit and Tortoise

Yuzuki the Fierce!

Time to break the Abyss string with another episode of Mitsuganae!  About six episodes behind…but then again, we’re subbing about 8 episodes behind.  Been busy lately, and I’ve been gravitating towards finishing Abyss instead.  I should also point out that I probably gave up too early on ToraDORAMA, which has rapidly turned into one of the better high school love dramedy shows I’ve seen in a while.

ANYWAY, here we start going back to how this series began – Yuzuki playing spectator.  Mind you, she does try, but like before, she’s once again helpless against the Jigoku Tsuushin.  Hopefully things start to turn around for her soon…

Ai is stalking you in class.You'd think there'd be another vending machine nearby.How cute, her friends help her open...a boxed drink?  WTF?

Shy guy!If you haven't guessed yet, she's a bit...slow.Yuzuki's radar could really use some longer ranged detection.


Shinohara Usagi is a slow, indecisive girl who gets by with a little help from her friends.  Some of those friends notice that Usagi’s brother, Michito, is a popular DJ with a forthcoming CD.  When they ask her to get autographs for them, however, Usagi’s closer group of friends pushes them away and keeps them from bothering her. On her way home, Usagi passes Yuzuki, who gets an all-too-familiar feeling…

Usagi finds her brother and parents waiting for her when she gets home.  Their parents are obviously very happy for Michito, but still raise concern for Usagi, who still hasn’t decided what to do after school.  Her parents ultimately on a nursing job decide for her, and Michito leaves in frustration, calling her a tortoise, and bringing back memories of days when Michito would leave his indecisive sister behind.

Sibling wars, again...Usagi goes ;_;Ni-pah~!

THE RETARD GOT A BF AND YOU STILL CANT LOLOLOL PWNTjPhone - now with complementary Jigoku Tsuushin apps!Beer's out back.  Don't take my Sapporos again.

A now concerned Yuzuki approaches Usagi the next day, and warns Usagi not to use the Jigoku Tsuushin.  However, Usagi seems clueless to what the Jigoku Tsuushin is, causing Yuzuki to run away, believing that she was mistaken.  As Yuzuki runs away, one of Usagi’s classmates approaches her.  News spreads quickly through the class, as the boy (named Endo) and Usagi begin dating each other.  Although Usagi’s closest friends are thrilled for her, the others spoil their mood, noticing that Usagi has beat them in terms of finding a boyfriend.

Michito, who continues to work in a convenience store in addition to his music work, eventually finds out when his mother calls him with the news.  Usagi and Endo continue dating, with Michito and even Usagi’s closest friends growing more and more frustrated by it.  Finally, Usagi returns one day to find an envelope filled with pictures of Endo enjoying some time with some other women at a club.  When Usagi meets with him later, Endo tells her that her brother had invited him, and can no longer be with her because he doesn’t deserve her.

Ai - decent, but not an Iron Chef yet.Amazed how many times hiding behind a pole works.I wanna make love in this club, in this club....

Uh oh, now she's cranky.Oh noes, there's more than one doll!Ai is stalking you.  But needs a bath too.

When Usagi meets with Michito, she surprises him by telling him that she’s already broken up with Endo, but breaks into tears as she does so.  As Michito approaches, Usagi pulls out a straw doll and begins pulling the red string; her brother stops her, but a straw doll falls out of his own pocket.  Michito finally breaks and tells his sister that he’s been envious of her all this time, because their parents pay her the most attention, and she is capable of living happily.  Meanwhile, his own accomplishments aren’t noteworthy at all – in fact, Michito had wanted to give up music the night he came home.  With the two of them resolved to stand up and give it their best shot once more, they embrace and throw their straw dolls into the river.

Michito returns home only to find himself tortured by the Jigoku Tsuushin.  Trapped in a tortoise shell and shot at repeatedly by the Jigoku Gunslingers, Michito is sent to Hell, as it is revealed that Usagi swam down the river and pulled the string.  Flashback to the day on the bridge, where a very young Usagi promised to grow up and become Michito’s wife.  Although he did refuse, he continued to say that if she grew up to become a beautiful woman, he’d marry her.  Still standing in the middle of the river and believing that she can do her best, Usagi starts laughing.

I love onii-chan!Yeah, let's throw them in a shallow river.  That'll work, right?TURTLE?!

Kikuri the cowgirl!Waro waro dual strike!She would've been your wife...wait, what?


  • Oh ha ha, very funny.  Call the slowest and most indecisive person in the series so far ‘Usagi’ (for those of you who don’t know, that’s ‘rabbit’ in Moonspeak.)  I’m completely failing to see how they worked a sense of morality into this episode, and I’m inclined to believe that they didn’t bother, it was just a simple irony they wanted to exploit.  Go figure.
  • Oh Yuzuki, you poor thing, you can’t get away from Jigoku Shoujo at all, can you?  She’s watching every step you take…and Yuzuki, for all her resolve, is still helpless against the Jigoku Tsuushin.  It’s amusing to see her scurry around and try to help people, but the end result is still the same.  At least her back’s not getting split open every time though.  I guess that’s an improvement…right?
  • What’s with Japan and this sibling love?  I’m telling you, Freud would have a field day with this series.  What exactly are the producers thinking??
  • I was thrilled to have Yuzuki get involved into the story, but this isn’t exactly the way I’d go about it.  I hope that we’re not getting more one-and-done stories from here on out.  There needs to be some form of continuity…
  • Torture scene came out of NOWHERE.  Wild west…tortoise!?  Someone help me out on this one.

Male to female ratio is really bad here...Hahaha, couldn't resist.Depressed Yuzuki continues to be depressed...


More fun with lolis!


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