Tales of the Abyss Ep. 16 + 17

Luke is not amused by such antics.

So in my mad rush to get a whole bunch of stuff completed in Tales of Vesperia (an excellent game, by the way…I’ll have to review it when I finish it), I haven’t been able to watch a lot of TV.  Well…actually, I have, but they’ve all been basketball games (GO BLAZERS!).  So I’m waaaay behind on Mitsuganae, Abyss, and…hey, I’ve missed the last two movies of Kara no Kyoukai?  Oh my.  So here’s my attempt to at least catch up (somewhat) on Abyss – two episodes in one post!  They pretty much make up one long episode, anyway.

UPDATE!  Done with Vesperia, round 1.  Off to the EX Dungeon, and then another speedster playthrough!  Though I may lose interest…nah.

Core Invasion Strategy:

And so if you throw the yo-yo hard enough, it should theoretically..AARP is gonna have a fit about this one.That's not in the benefits package...

So Van, if you flap your arms REALLY hard...bawwwwww ;_;The Ride comes to mind...

With the data from the Sephiroth Trees, Luke and Co. return and give the info to the feuding old scientists, who promptly rig the Tartarus for its last voyage.  As the preparations complete, however, Legretta catches up with them and threatens to put Luke and the others into custody.  Team Iemon sacrifice themselves to allow Luke and the others to escape, and Legretta cooly puts a laser(?) burn through them both.  As they make their way to the Tartarus, Van intercepts them thanks to Spinoza’s information.  Again, the remaining elderly researchers stand in his way, and Van mows them down as well with an Arte.  He is not in time to get to the Tartarus, but has a wry smile on his face anyway.  While everybody is depressed over their loss (Noelle and Tear were especially hit hard), they realize they have a mission to do, and the Tartarus drops back through the Qliphoth and into the core of the world.

Himekishi Lilia on a macroscopic scale (if you're lost...well...meh.)This ship shall be your grave!  WahahahahaaaBadass Ion!

This is what happens when you swim in the dirty ocean.zoom zoom zoomSleeping Beauty, Japan version!

With the hull beginning to buckle from the immense pressure, Jade triggers the device to begin lowering the Outer Lands, and they make their run for the Albiore only to be stopped by Sync.  Luke, unwilling to let things end on the Tartarus, charges at Sync, and ends up breaking his mask and revealing that he and Ion are fonic replicas.  With that, and the knowledge that his usefulness is at an end, Sync throws himself overboard, leaving the other Ion in tears for the first time in his life.  Luke suddenly collapses, succumbing to the voices in his head asking for his help, and Tear attempts to heal him.  However, she ends up being possessed by none other than Lorelei itself, who proclaims Luke and Lorelei are perfect isofons, and someone is taking its power away.  Tear collapses and the group makes a mad rush for the Albiore, barely making their escape.  A doctor at Belkend regretfully informs the others that Tear has absorbed too much contaminated seventh fonons from the passage rings…

Prelude to the Collapse:

Turncoat turncoated...again.Tear = ;_; Kumbaiya...Koom bai yah...what?

Nobody listens to their big brother anymore...Awww, such loving support.This is my /a/ face

Tear is recovering somewhat, and the group realizes she is still important because she is the only one that can interact with the passage rings.  Against their better judgment, they decide to bring her along to adjust the Sephiroth Trees as needed to seal the miasma.  Spinoza turncoats AGAIN, offering his services as recompense for his previous actions – Anise isn’t convinced, but Luke, a fellow born again, believes in Spinoza and has him work on researching the miasma levels.  In the evening, Luke pays a visit to Tear, who acts as if she is okay with dying, but can only ask Luke to turn around while she breaks into tears.  Soon, the group departs for the Sephiroth Trees, where Tear activates each of them but collapses right afterwards as a result of her diseased state.  As they rest, they realize that Van had somehow read the Seventh Fonstone, and Guy remembers a secret place in Hod that could have been it.  As they turn in for the night, Tear remains awake when Van arrives and asks his sister to stop.  Clearly, both were affected by the miasma; however, Tear cannot think of betraying her friends, and Asch appears out of nowhere to attack Van.  Van escapes after a critical hit on Asch, who defies his superior because of something he still wants to protect.  Natalia, fresh on the scene, realizes that he is talking about her, but before she can heal his wounds, Asch runs after Van, who would be waiting at the Absorption Gate.

Someone needs a good whuppin'Hiking is fun.  In the snow, not so fun.  When you're sick, really not fun at all.Good view of Ligretta, no?


The group returns to Keterberg, as the final passage ring cannot be reached by air.  In the city, Dist is throwing a tantrum until Jade coerces him into providing info.  On their hike, Ion and Luke, replicas both, come to the realization that although they are replicas, they are still individuals with their own memories.  Their somewhat happy moment is broken by Legretta’s ambush, along with Largo and Arietta’s attacks.  Jade uses a fonic arte to cause an avalanche, burying the three of them while the group hides under Tear’s protection.  With the Oracle Knights and God Generals out of the picture, they make their way to the passage ring, only to find that they’ve been had.  After Tear activates the passage ring, the lands start accelerating downwards…


  • Cheap deaths!  Cheap deaths!  Seriously, Sync, completely uncool way of dying.  I mean…what the hell, no blaze of glory?  Just “oh wow I suck” and dropping off the edge of a cliff?  LOL.
  • Tear and Luke need to stop skirting the subject and hold hands already.  And more.  Before Natalia wisens up starts to go for Luke instead of pining over Asch like an idiot.
  • Lots of…uh…dying to occur in two episodes.  ‘Dying’ being the operative word here.
  • Speaking of which, the God Generals aren’t very…uh…godlike.  Legretta is a hothead who can’t fight short range due to her weaponry, Largo doesn’t move well, Sync is DEAD, Dist got the sh*t beat out of him street-style, and…Van…well, he’s insane.  Plus, they follow douchebag Mohs’ commands without question.  If that’s not a perfect set of “OH WOW HATE ME NOW VILLAINS”, I don’t know what is.
  • Gotta love how suddenly Luke is some Messiah-esque figure in the midst of all the suspicion and hatred.  Total douchebag turned godlike.  Awwwwww….really, like I haven’t heard that one before.  I’m not sure how they did it in the game, but it clearly worked much better, because I still hate Luke’s guts in the anime.
  • Tear ;_;
  • Boy am I in a cynical mood this time around…wheeee.  But let’s just say that I wasn’t very…impacted by these two episodes.  I expect good things from 18, which SHOULD wrap this arc up, and 19, where we get to see much more interesting stuff.



Probably another two episode post because I’m so far behind….but hey, 18 should mean part 2 is complete!~


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