Tales of the Abyss Ep. 14: Sealed Past

I see a...?

Still don’t have anything piquing my interest next season, but then again I haven’t been paying much attention to it.  Probably going to just keep plodding along and finish the ongoing series I have.  But who knows?  I may pick up one or two shows along the road.

(Side note: Girls out of cans?  What the hell Japan?  Who even thought Akikan was a good idea?  Probably the same blokes who decided Rosario + Vampire would make an excellent series.)

Yes, I’m aware that this entire lead-in is devoid of any reference to this episode of Tales of the Abyss.  All I can say is: Guy arc done…can we move on now?

It's like a bad Christian rock album cover.She certainly took the news better than expected.Guy jumps far and fast.

Tear sneaks looks at Jade too.Whoa!  Senior home!Guy works his "magic".


Luke and Natalia make their escape, and eventually regroup with Jade’s group and the Albiore.  Natalia finally breaks down, but Guy reassures her that her father is simply confused, and the next time will go much better for her.  Natalia offers her thanks for his support, but Guy still suffers from his gynophobia.  The group decides to go to Belkend to figure out a way to stop the land falling into Qliphoth from sinking.

In Belkend, they find that the problem is with the Planet Storm, which is the artificial support system for the entire world.  Since they can’t stop the system, they must devise a way to hold the vibrations caused by the system in check.  Guy convinces some researchers to assist them, and the group is instructed to place a frequency analyzer through a passage ring of a Sephiroth tree.  As they leave to do so, Guy is given a message to take a look at a rare fon machine elsewhere in the city.  Anise also notices an eavesdropper, but nobody really cares at this point anymore.

See?  Problem solved.Run run run, as fast as you can...It's the secret Guy fanclub!

President of the Guy fan club.The fan club's going to get disbanded right now....words fail me.

The message is a fake, and Van takes the time to try and convince Guy, his former master, to join him.  However, Guy does not approve of replicating Hod, and refuses to lend his support to Van.  With Jade hiding in the shadows, the two realize they will never meet again under cordial circumstances.  With everybody back together, the group departs for Daath.  On the way there, they run into Anise’s mother, who has a tendency to donate all of her money to the church as noted in her Score. While Anise catches up with her mother, however, Arietta attacks with a pair of ligers, and Anise’s mother takes a shot to her back while protecting Ion and a stray child.  Guy suddenly starts to have flashbacks to a similar situation that happened before, when his sister died in his arms while protecting him.  His sister’s death triggered his fear of women that continues until now.

Jade reveals that he saw the meeting between Van and Guy, and Guy admits to having Van as his one-time guardian.  However, Guy is long past the revenge stage, and is willing to trust in the one who trusts in him – Luke.  With the air reasonably cleared, they continue to make their way to the cathedral, where Ion takes a moment to read the score.


Collateral damage!Friendship through superior firepower fails in other worlds.It's like he was some godlike figure or something.

After he reads it, however, many of them notice a discrepancy between the Score and what is actually occurring.  They suspect that while the Score accounts for Luke’s (Asch) presence, it does not mention Luke (replica) at all, and that is throwing off the Score.  The discussion is left for later, however, as Ion finds the location of another Sephiroth Tree in the Tataroo Valley.

As they continue through the valley, Anise notices a rare butterfly that’s worth almost five million (!!!) gald.  She struggles to catch up with her prize catch, and doesn’t notice the ground crumbling beneath her.  She falls off the cliff but is saved at the last momet by Guy, who has now overcome his fear of women by remembering his past.  With Anise safe, the group finds the passage ring, but it is deactivated, meaning their device is useless.  Tear suddenly feels uneasy, and somehow the passage rings reactivate.  Luke tries to ask what’s wrong, but Tear simply denies that she is feeling unwell.

blargh dedIon knows Braille.  He can read with his hands.Epic battle art!

Butterfly worth 5 million gald?  That'd be useful in Vesperia right about now.Guy touched her.Tear is glowing...in more ways than one.


  • Mohs has the most untrained army in the history of man.  A bunch of escaped convicts in the worlds only airship, and the entire military arm is nowhere to be seen.  Amazing.  I guess in the game you’d get all of those random encounters with Knight Halberds and Knight Fencers, etc., but in here, I guess the mind has to fill in the blanks with how they snuck around patrols or just outright killed them to get back to Daath and Belkend.  It’s especially amusing to see them just walk around in the open in Belkend.  Shouldn’t there be like a wanted poster or something in this world?  Or maybe nobody reads them?  Or maybe the partisans went and tore them all down.
  • WITH THAT SAID – I guess airships are much, much faster than Knight platoons.
  • Guy plot is now fully detailed, if not a bit clichéd.  Having that not-so-subtle nudge to his memory wrapped it up quite nicely.  Next subplot  – Natalia and Guy make an excellent pair, because you know Luke’s not going for the fake princess.  Not one bit.  If you haven’t noticed this yet, go smack yourself.  Tear / Luke, Natalia / Guy, Anise…well, who has the most Gald in this group :P.
  • Ion gets to read a part of the Closed Score, people talk about it, and he goes “oh yeah, btw, Sephiroth Tree over here.”  Really odd section there, but whatever.  The Score is a mess of everybody’s fates, so I guess it can hop around like crazy.
  • Five million gald…goodness, that’d put an end to one of my X360 achievements in Tales of Vesperia.  Too bad there’s no “insect hunting”.
  • Speaking of which, WHY IS THERE NO COOKING GOING ON.  COOK, DAMMIT!  It’s a shame they’re animating the one Tales game without the Wonder Chef, because I’d LOVE to see that.  Just have Tear or someone touch a post and *POOF* “You found me!” hahahaha
  • In all honesty – this show started out decent and is trailing off a little bit.  However, there’s still plenty of material to work into the remaining episodes, so I’m ever hopeful for a good ending.  This has been one of the better adventure-type anime series in a while, so I’ll stick with it for a little while longer.

Lazy emperor is laaazyJust hug already, dammitReally should've taken a better screenshot XD


Tales games always have these moments where you “part with everyone” and go off and talk with them again.  Sounds like this is one of those little moments.

Did I mention that I hate those moments?

(Hey, with the week off, I caught up!  Yippee!)


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