Tales of the Abyss Ep. 13: Outbreak of War

Get to da choppah!

Oh yeah, a fake princess.  Now THAT’S original.  Don’t get me wrong, I obviously saw this coming from my prior experience with the game, but I really want this little section over and done with.  There’s just no life in it at all, and for me, the only reason I’m making it through this and the next episode is because there isn’t anything else to watch at the moment.

Granted, I need to finish Kannagi, and that odd New Year’s Special episode for Jigoku Shoujo is sitting there waiting for me…

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No seriously, it's a plane!!Classy aviator jacket, ma'amHoly ****!  We're gonna fly!

Guy on the left got hit with some Saturday Night FEVER.No, an island does not make a good skipping stone.Fight...on?


With St. Binah quickly falling under, an airship, piloted by a girl named Noelle, arrives to provide some timely support.  They make their way to the falling city, which is gaining speed as it passes through to the bottom of the planet.  With Luke insisting on getting everybody, it’s a close call but the airship is capable of lifting off and delivering the remaining townsfolk to safety.

As they get to the surface, however, they find a war has broken out between Malkuth and Kimlasca forces, and both armies are going at it.  With the area unstable, Jade realizes that it is probably part of Van’s master plan to have both armies wiped out on the same battlefield.  Certainly a possibility, considering that the rest of the land could crumble at any moment.  The group splits to appeal to both Kimlasca and Malkuth leadership to end the war and retreat both of their armies to safety.

Shields...failing...!Professor GuyPoor Natalia's about to have her world rocked.

Mohs looks more like a slug every time he appears on screen.putting the people first.O_O;;

Natalia makes good progress with the Kimlasca generals, as she is one of noble right.  Mohs, however, interrupts her and announces that she is a fake princess associated with the murderer of Azkeriuth.  Despite Natalia’s vehement claims otherwise, Mohs points out that her physical features don’t match the royal family at all, and places Natalia, Luke, Guy and Tear into custody to await trial at Baticul.  Back in the Malkuth territory, Peony is open to the idea but refuses to withdraw his forces until Kimlasca does the same, leaving negotiations at an impasse.

At Baticul, Luke and Natalia are offered the “peaceful” way out, but Luke angrily rejects the idea of downing poison.  Unarmed, they face death until Tear and Guy arrive with some timely assistance.  Natalia decides to pay her “father” a visit and ask him for the truth.  In the throne room, the nurse who had raised her admitted giving the queen one of her own to replace the stillborn princess.  Despite Luke’s cries to have mercy on Natalia, who was brought up as the king’s own, the king decides to declare war by killing his daughter.

Natalia's mom?  Genes went where??Can't we all just get along?The "unknown" benefactor appears.

What's that dude in Beauty and the Beast's name?  Gaston's idiot sidekick?  He looks like this, no?GRAPE JUICE?!  WHY YOU GIVING ME GRAPE JUICE?!Oh man, those shrooms were strong...

The king calls out Dist and Largo to eliminate the entire group.  Largo is surprised to see Natalia again, and expresses his displeasure at having to perform such a task.  As they advance, however, they are met by Asch, who is amazed that they are still in Baticul.  Leaving Asch against the two God-Generals, Luke and the others make a break for it.  Outside, the commoners have sided with Natalia, believing in her noble acts instead of noble upbringing.  Spurned on by Asch’s cohorts, they take up arms against the army, and buy enough time for Luke and the others to escape the city.

I told him not to eat the shrooms from the yard!I lied to the queen ;_;bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Someone toss Dist some anti-reflective wipes.Oh, look who comes to the rescue!  Surprise, surprise.Viva la revolucion~!~


  • All that magic, powers of levitation, etc., and nobody had the decent enough mind to build an airship?  I’ve always been amused at the convenience of Noelle suddenly appearing with pretty much the only airborne ship in the world.  The battles just look so unbalanced without a good dogfight up above and strafing runs by fighters and bombers.  Then again, when was the last time you saw a ramming attack used?  Probably…uh…pre-Civil War.
  • Luke – a study in polar opposites.  First he’s a selfish and arrogant prick, now he’s the guy going “I’ll give my life to save another”.
  • Natalia – sorry, seen this story somewhere before, so I’m really scrounging to feel some sympathy here.  Though it is nice to have a girl get bad news and not completely break down…immediately, at least.
  • The one thing I hate about video games turning into other media: it’s all to convenient.  Everything just fits so perfectly into place because in the game, you controlled HOW you got there…but you eventually got there anyway, and the journey was pretty interesting.  This one?  It’s like watching all the cutscenes spliced together.  You know what happens between them, but you didn’t do anything, and consequently it’s all a spectator sport.

/Mommy is embarassing her daughter in front of everybody.Guy went for the older ones.


Family matters.


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