Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 13: Cross + Family + Vampire

Moka can still make a good entrance.

Way to play up the “we’re all friends” motif here, guys.  I continue to be amazed that this series managed to fill 13 episodes and use basically a single volume of manga.  Oh well, it did deliver on its not-so-subtle promise of loads of ecchi and panty shots, so I guess some people can be happy.  Or maybe I just need to give up hoping for some decent plot in this series at all?

GrrrrrrClassic KokoaSnow Women Army approaches

Oop, one fell out of line.Yukari came to play in snow!  \o/Epic battle commences!


Tsukune arrives at the light at the end of the tunnel and a large castle comes into view.  Kokoa sends Kou in to discourage the human, but he blows through all of the distractions.  Soon enough, though, Tsurara arrives with a company of snow women, intent on getting Tsukune prepared for the wedding ceremonies.  Mizore defies her mother, however, and chooses to help Tsukune get to the castle.  Yukari and her parents join in the fun while Tsukune bikes away.

Earmuffs!Kurumu gets a little present.This is possibly the cutest side of Kurumu you'll ever see.

*cry*Another daughter / mother fight?Kokoa is the least of Tsukune's concerns now

Unfortunately for him, a huge moat separates the castle proper from the rest of the area.  Fortunately(?) for him, though, Ageha comes out of nowhere and grabs him, also with plans to secure Tsukune for Kurumu.  Kurumu, like Mizore, decides to help Tsukune instead, kicking her mother into the moat and ferrying Tsukune to the castle’s main courtyard.  There, she laments how she couldn’t be with Tsukune even with Moka gone, but understands and wants Moka to come back as well.  She sees Tsukune off, still teary-eyed, and fends off Ageha as he rushes into the castle.

And the "oh shi-" warnings go off in Tsukune's head...Oh ho, the final boss appears!That must sting a lil'


Inside, Kokoa reveals that the person Tsukune needs to talk to is none other than their vampiric father, who has a particular distate for humans (consider the Hell that Moka went through in the human world).  Tsukune defends himself and the feelings he and Moka have for each other, and despite the beatings he takes, he manages to draw upon some of the vampire blood Moka has deposited in him from her bites, transforming into a “ghoul”.  His power burst is just enough to grab the rosario from Moka’s father, and he stumbles backwards into the waiting arms of True Moka and Kokoa.  After making sure that he understood his daughter’s intentions, their father relents and lets them borrow the rosario to bring back the other Moka.

<3So much for monogamy, Moka.  He's a pedo, too.The harem got chibi-fied!

Because Yukari didn't get a lot of screen time...and she's an adorable lil' girl.Moka gets her latest victim!Too bad, because True Moka was adorable at times too.

With Moka’s father gone, the castle crumbles on itself, and Tsukune confronts True Moka.  With the harem assembling around them, Tsukune reveals that he still can’t make a decision, and doesn’t think it’d be fair to not have Moka able to fend for herself.  True Moka takes particular exception to this logic, and delivers a statement kick to Tsukune’s face, but yields anyway.  With a final “vampire kiss” and a wink, True Moka disappears and is replaced by the pink-haired klutzy Moka, who immediately goes for a vampire kiss of her own.  With Ageha and Tsurara secured by Officery Ruby, and the bus available, the group returns to Youkai Academy, leaving Kokoa find for a little…discipline from her father.

She's back!<Moka wanted to have fun too, I guess.

Still chibi-fiedCircumstances give us Officer Ruby!See you next season, Kokoa.


  • I got my ghoul Tsukune, but oh my, was it ever so failure.  I couldn’t help myself, and thought Dragonball Z the entire sequence.  The random-colored fire sequence is just overrated in general.  Can’t they think up anything new?
  • Tsurara’s zombie army is quite something.
  • It’s the last episode, and pretty much everybody on staff gave the middle finger to censorship.  Good way to end the series, no?  😉
  • What’s with the overuse of super-deformed looks at the end of the episode?  I’m not completely knocking it or anything – in fact, it was kind of cute – but it was all rather sudden.  I could see an OVA being made out of it though.  Kind of like Otoboku, but better.
  • Request to the next season’s producers – please, PLEASE use some of the manga material.  You’re going to need to get Kalua in somehow, right?  Right??  More Mizore wouldn’t hurt, either!
  • Speaking of which, if you haven’t noticed by now, someone over there likes coffee.  Moka, Kokoa, Kalua.  Mocha, Cocoa, Kahlua.  I like Kahlua the best 😀

Capu3, anybody?


What preview?  That’s it!  See you another season.


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  1. ok but one thing weres the third season its already 2010 and do i see a third season no….. do u no if the will make third season…..???? please tell me

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