Tales of the Abyss Ep. 12: Water Metropolis

Mieu?  Mieu!!!

It’s been a long while since I watched this episode, so my memory is kind of fuzzy O_o;;

Ooh, pretty buildings..Tear looks rather calm again...Let us through!  Can't you see he's too adorable to be evil??

This guy just doesn't die.Eyes of RAAAAGEArrowned.


The Tartarus makes its approach to the Malkuth capital, which is basically a floating superfortress.  Since its gates are closed, Jade suggests they disembark and continue on foot; thus, they make their way through the Theor Forest to the gates, only to find that Jade is the only person allowed inside.

Largo attacks the group as they wait outside the gates.  Guy saves Luke from Largo’s scythe, but falls to the curse slot and ends up attacking Luke.  Natalia manages to get an arrow into Sync, who flees with Largo as the Malkuth army brings in the gate patrol to assist them.  Ion suggests that they move inside so that he can work on removing the curse slot from Guy, and everybody moves into the Grand Chokmah.  Before doing so, Ion informs Luke that although the curse slot is powerful, it couldn’t make Guy attack Luke unless he already had the desire to kill Luke.

The classic leader poseMieu has an oddly happy face goingGuy wants to do WHAT?!

Young Guy had a mean streak going...A nighttime rendezvous?Guy comes clean.

Luke spends the day by himself, thinking what he had done wrong.  Tear finds him and heals the small cut on his cheek, but Luke simply wants to be left alone for a while.  Tear ends up calling him an idiot, and reminds Luke that Guy is simply human.  Of course he was disappointed when Luke’s actions destroyed a city, but for the time being, it seems Guy has faith in Luke.  Luke eventually thanks Tear for her kind, albeit somewhat harsh, encouragement.

As Guy recovers from Ion’s removal of the curse slot, Luke apologizes to him for his previous mistakes.  Guy doesn’t think twice about it, and tells Luke that he was originally from Hod, a city in Malkuth.  Duke Fabre had killed his entire family, and Guy planned to join House Fabre and tear it apart from within.  With the cat out of the bag, Jade identifies him as Gailardia Galan, of House Gardos.  In spite of his previous plans, however, Guy chooses to remain with Luke.

ALMOST a crafty-looking smile...Emperor does not have quite a regal air, does he?Good party shot, this one.

Awwww, they'd look kinda good together, no?Happy emperor?  Happy people!PIGS OMG WTF

The group meets with Emperor Peony, whose council is reluctant to sent military troops to evacuate St. Binah due to their high alert against Kimlasca forces, and the standoff between the two nations.  Luke immediately volunteers his small task force to evacuate the city for them, and Jade draws of plans for them to go to St. Binah while the Malkuth forces hold Kimlasca away.  Peony and his advisors agree, and the emperor goes to meet with the council after offering to meet the group again in his chambers.

Peony’s chambers, as it turns out, are filled with his pet rappigs.  Peony singles out Guy as a noble, and asks if he would like his title back.  Guy is honored, but refuses, stating he would rather assist Luke for the time being.  Peony doesn’t push the issue, but also tells them that he has sent another helper to St. Binah to assist them.  At St. Binah, the evacuations go smoothly, but as the final group begins to move out, the middle of the city begins to go under.  In the harsh sunlight, though, the silhouette of an airship can be seen hovering about the disaster area..

Cute, aren't they Tear?Guy is really a Malkuth noble...wowEvacuate the city.  Goes better than expected.

Santa's gotten old...That's going to affect the property value.Star Wars meets anime!


  • It seems like all of the Tales-series games have at least one battle where the group fights one of their own.  In the anime, however, Guy’s is downplayed a bit, thanks to some quick reactions from Natalia, and the impetus that the story must keep going at a decent clip.  I’m not surprised at the decision to shorten it, but it does make it seem a little trivial.
  • This episode is basically a “history of Guy” recap.  For now, we have a lot of clues, but not the complete story behind him.  I would expect another episode before calling this mini-arc complete.
  • If I were Jade, I’d be really upset if my friend named a pig after me.  Come on, doesn’t that seem a bit rude?
  • Tear went into cute mode again!  First time in a while.  Also, the producers are whacking you on the head with Tear and Luke.  If you haven’t gotten it yet, well you just aren’t getting it.
  • Thank goodness the airship is coming, the big boat sucked anyway.

I got one!  I got one!Oh ho, Amelia Earhart, eat your heart out.I'm a noble!  Get her away from me!!!!


Free flying lessons!


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