Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 12: Seal + Vampire

True Moka got too much screen tiem. You know how True Moka comes out and shows off some excessive amounts of pantsu and badassery at the same time?  This episode now proves that too much True Moka is a bad thing.  Or at the very least, True Moka trying to be Wussy Moka is a bad thing.  VERY bad thing.  I couldn’t even find this episode funny until about the 18 minute mark.  Needless to say, this is a much cuter story arc than what’s written up in the manga, and I will continue to rail on how poor of a decision that was.  But who am I to deny Japan its dosage of pantsu?

Isn't there a Star Trek episode about something like this happening?Kyouko does not approve of falling skies.Witnessing a martyr at work.

TTFN?O hai, I swapped Mokas for you.Moka's "assets" are now the envy of all the girls, including Kurumu.


The group watches in horror the protective barrier separating Youkai Academy from the human world begins to shatter.  With the knowledge that her Rosario is the same as the one holding the said barrier together, Moka runs off to the seal room.  Tsukune begs her not to sacrifice herself, but she says her final goodbye, forcing him to remove the Rosario.  Before she transforms, she places her Rosario on the seal panel, restoring it to full power.

The next day, all seems normal at the academy until Nekomimi begins roll call.  As she gets to Akashiya Moka, the harsh glare of True Moka glances at her.  After class, Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari all discuss what to do with the new edition newspaper, and Moka suggests putting in a section on fighting styles until Tsukune suggests otherwise.  Later in the day, everybody is in for measurements when the three girls pounce on Tsukune.  They quickly get out of the way under Moka’s stare, but she comes off awkward as she tries to do rub Tsukune the same way…

Yes, that is rather difficult, isn't it.My nee-sama, back off!Oh Kokoa, will you ever learn?

Not quite the same feeling, is it?No blood for me?  ;_;The "rescue Tsukune by any means possible" crew.

The next day in class, Aono is spacing out in class and Moka covers for him without him noticing.  Before she can talk to him, a bunch of underclassmen and Kokoa jump her and ask to eat lunch together.  Kokoa ges the others away, but fails to notice Moka has left to go find Tsukune again.  On the room, Tsukune tries to carry on, but can’t seem to get the pink-haired Moka out of his mind.  The current True Moka attempts to convince him that she’s gone.  As she tries to take blood the same way as before, however, the remaining three girls protest.  As Moka walks away, the rest of the Tsukune harem realizes they have to do something.  Meanwhile, the headmaster tells Ruby of a very important secret that she is not to share with anybody.

Tsukune decides to call home, and his mother is surprised to hear from him.  She is quite excited to see Moka again, as Kyouko seemed to approve of her (at least).  Tsukune gets even more depressed by this, and his mood gets Ruby to defy the headmaster and tell him the secret the headmaster had let her in on.

Isn't that convenient?  They're carbon copies.Can I go home yet?I see what you did thar~

Ruby is Tsukune's friend 4everOh no, not YOU again.OMGWTFBBQ?

Next day, the three girls’ parents all arrive, with Tsurara and Ageha making as much noise as usual.  Tsurara proclaims they should ready for the wedding celebration beween Mizore and Tsukune, as she and her daughter believe that is the only way to keep Tsukune happy.  This raises quite the ruckus, especially since Kurumu wants to help Tsukune as well, but things are broken up by Yukari’s mother, who does nothing but point her broom at them.  It’s all for naught, however, as Tsukune is nowhere to be found.  Kou makes the mistake of flying into the classroom as they search for him, leading to his prompt interrogation.

Tsukune learns that the Rosario is indeed a carbon copy of the one sealing Youkai Academy.  However, there are three Great Lords that govern the Youkai world, and Ruby tells him he might be able to convince the other Lords to create a new Rosario for Moka.  As he leaves, True Moka tries once more to work things out with Tsukune, but he has his mind made up.  With the demonic bus driver looking on in approval and Kokoa watching overhead, Tsukune enters the tunnel between the two worlds to try and bring Moka, his Moka, back.

cold shivers for mommy...Kou, run!  Oh no...!!!You can't fault her for not trying or anything.

Rejected!Kokoa the eager new stalker?Creepy dude's back XD


  • They really made this arc stupid, and I give up on seeing a GAR version of Tsukune.  He’s just going to be his typical clingy self forever.  Where’s my ANTITHESIS?!
  • I guess, on the flipside, I should acknowledge their unwillingness to introduce new characters so late in the series.  Of course adding new characters means less screen time for the main characters, so we will probably NEVER see them.
  • It’s really annoying that they softened True Moka so much.  She was supposed to act the polar opposite of her chained self, and harbor some feelings for Tsukune.  But this?  Good lord, way to make things awkward.
  • Boy gets depressed, solution becomes…get married?  I don’t think so.  Unless said boy likes headaches.  Lots of them.
  • Anybody want to take bets on whether Kokoa will help or hinder Tsukune’s cause?
  • I wonder what’s the ratings on this show when it airs in Japan.  I doubt it’s much of anything, considering it’s basically a one-trick pony.  But guys go for this kind of thing.  Maybe we’ll get a season 3 out of it.  Oh no.

...?!Obligatory pantsu shothahahahahaahhahahahahaah


Expect normal Moka’s return.  You really think they’d kill her just like that?


3 Responses to Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 12: Seal + Vampire

  1. Soulreaver says:

    This episode whas realy weard. real Moka tries to be the cute Moka and thats realy….wrong i mean she was nice the way she was, the badd ass kicking Moka =). Well i know 1 thing that wen moka returns it wont be the same any more for me when she transorms into real Moka. and is this realy the 1 of the 2 last episodes? i realy hoped to see Tsukune as vampire saving Moka and stuf :P.

  2. Moka-san says:

    Pfff…Vraiment c’est de l’anglais tout cracher

  3. I think it would be ok to leave the vampire way of moka because she only has moments when shes kicken ass… but i like the fake moka to shes alright just sometimes she can be really dum and ano is blind so just falls in with her stare trap like all the time and she bites him thats dum in a way its cute…. but still vampire rocks

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