Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 11: Blotted Page

Ai actually looks remorseful again.

Well…it’s getting better, I think.  I actually liked this episode, although the grudges were a bit too unwarranted.  Again, however, the subject matter is grounded in a much more realistic situation than previous episodes.  I think that in today’s media industry, publishing something incriminating in the hopes of raising sales isn’t a far-fetched idea.  Unfortunately for reality, however, you can’t damn those rather unscrupulous people to Hell for trashing your name.

Fools, you're supposed to lift those weights!Cheapskates read stuff in the convenience store.Big hat is big disguise.

It's nice to know famous people, isn't it?Internet be trollin'I'm gonna do an interview kthxbai~


On the roof of a rather seedy looking downtown hotel, a young schoolgirl finds herself bound and gagged, with a dumbell attached at her feet.  As she stares in horror, a man drops the weight over the side, sending her plummeting to her death.  The next day in the bookstore, Akie tells Yuzuki of a strange rumor of murders happening throughout the city; more interesting is that all the murders are similar to one outlined in a book.  Kamisaki, the author of the said book, looks over his shoulder, and continues to fret his book’s increasing notoriety on various bulletin boards.

Asaba, a reporter for a magazine, gets the okay from her editor to contact Kamisaki and interview him regarding his book.  Kamisaki tells her he believes that, regardless of his book’s presence or not, a murderer would still be a murderer.  In the middle of the interview, however, they are surprised to see the murderer arrested.  As the TV reporter continues, it’s reported that the young man committed murders because he thought the book was sort of cool.  Asaba promises that she’ll write up the interview and portray him as well as she could.

Awww they're bestest buddies already!Still bein' cheap at the newstand.Censorship on what??

A vested interest, perhaps?What's he doing...!?The culprit is...!

Unfortunately for Kamisaki, the magazine has already damned him for his book’s association with the murders.  Kamisaki is forced into hiding, and spends the night in the train station and an Internet cafe, as there is a flotilla of news reporters surrounding his house.  Meanwhile, the Jigoku Tsuushin looks on with some veiled interested, while Kikuri continues reading Kamisaki’s book.  Asaba turns her back on the magazine and the editor who allowed a trash article to be published and storms out the door, and Kamisaki identifies the murderer in the news articles.

Nearby the train station, Akie and Yuzuki run into Michio Yui, who had just arrived from Tokyo and was looking for the publishing company.  Yui’s sister was among the first to be killed by the murderer, and she arrived in the city to seek answers from the author himself.  Yuzuki and Akie escort her all the way to the publishing house, where Kamisaki struggles to work in spite of the ire of his former friend and other coworkers.

Which way to the book store?No motive, and no recollection.  Does that make him still a murderer?Do not want book kthx

Jigoku Tsuushin pre-meeting meetingNot quite a mirror, but it works.Yuzuki needs to get up and do something about her nightmares.

Before, Yui had spoken with the murderer, who seemed like a normal enough person.  It was especially haunting that he had no recollection whatsoever of his actions, and that he didn’t know reality from the book’s fictional world.  Yui seeks answers from Kamisaki, especially after reading the magazine article, but the two are quickly confronted by Asaba, who had come to apologize for her inability to control the magazine.

The three of them soon find that their lives are forever changed by the situation, with Yui losing her sister and being lied to, Kamisaki being haunted by the media, and Asaba for being betrayed by her magazine.  Kamisaki suggests, after Yui brings it up, that the three of them access Jigoku Tsuushin.  As they do so, the editor, Kamisaki’s one-time friend, and the murderer are all sent to Hell.  Before they can celebrate, however, Kamisaki himself is sent to Hell by the murderer’s mother.  While he complains that he has done nothing to deserve it, Ai makes note that the other three most likely thought the same way.

1...2...3...Pull!Look familiar?Hone-Onna is still the hottest dead woman around.

Neo Ai!Mom sends her own son to Hell.Oh wow that's a lot of new candles.


  • It started out so strong that I felt let down a little bit in the end.  I mean, the first minute was classic horror stuff.  But the end…eh, I guess it was okay.  What did you expect?  I think they could’ve gotten some mileage out of this storyline, to be honest.
  • It looks like Yuzuki is starting to take notice a little more.  Maybe she’ll actually DO something soon.  It’d be nice, since she now has…oh, more than half of the series left to do it in?  Mitsuganae got lengthened to 24 episodes and I didn’t even see that until today…
  • What the hell was the editor doing with his foot?  That wasn’t nail polish, it was like…rubber bandage?  I can’t quite figure it out, but it was really odd.
  • Ai did stunt work for Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.  Didn’t you know that already?
  • Kamisaki’s friend is a douchebag.  No, actually, his wife is annoying as heck.  That’s ridiculous, give back a gift because you don’t want to be associated with it.  Maybe both of them are at fault, since he did start bad-mouthing Kamisaki at work.  Can’t you feel for the guy?  He’s writing his heart out and gets slammed for it.
  • Sad fact – young adults do have cases where they blur fantasy and reality.  Even younger kids are susceptible.  Remember the one boy who committed suicide because Kenny died in South Park for the upteenth time?  Or who can forget how DOOM would forever change a certain high school…Look, I’m all for entertainment, but parents really need to give input on this.  With all the high tech games here and there, it’s all becoming much more…visceral, and the line between reality and fantasy even more blurry.  Who knows what kinds of crimes will crop up in the future?

Requisite pool scenes!Popsicles...mmm....Otaku nosebleed!!!


Requisite pool party scenes, and massive blood loss.


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