Tales of the Abyss Ep. 11: City of Falling Snow

Snow.  How fitting!

Yes, yes, I am far behind on most of my shows.  Believe it or not, I’m trying to bring myself back into basketball shape, which leaves me precious little time watching TV.  As a result, I haven’t been able to watch the last 3 (!!!) episodes of Kannagi, much less set aside time to blog about it.  I’m barely keeping up with Tales of the Abyss, and Jigoku Shoujo has been hitting a nerve as of late.  I should find it odd that the one show I AM in line with is….Rosario + Vampire.  How sad is that?  But that’s a subject for another time, on to the next episode of Abyss, where Mieu learns all about the seasons.

Look at Mieu's reaction.  It's absolutely priceless.I don't wanna go home...BFF

Ion and Luke also BFF?No, it's Luke + Guy BFFGroup picture!


On their way to visit Emperor Peony, Luke and Mieu are out on deck and enjoying the peaceful snowfall when the Tartarus’ engines come to a grinding halt.  With the engines barely functional, the Tartarus limps to Keterburg, the nearest port.  On arrival, Jade introduces himself to the local troops and makes his way to the governor’s mansion with ease; after all, Keterburg is Jade’s hometown.  On the way, they pass a huge house that Anise absolutely adores, and Jade comments offhand that the owner may be up for the idea.  Jade reveals that the owner is none other than Emperor Peony.

The group arrives at the governor’s mansion, where Nephry Osborne awaits them.  She’s more than surprised to see Jade return alive, however, as she had heard of her brother’s death at Azkeriuth.  With Jade explaining the situation, Nephry makes arrangements for repair teams to overhaul the Tartarus, as well as lodgings for the beleaguered travelers.  Before they leave, Nephry asks Luke to return alone, as there is something she wants to talk to him about.

Not quite Akiha, but she'll have to do.I'll let you in on a family secret...Zzzzzz.....?

Jade continues to hide his past.Anise thinks...for once.Dist is a nice guy?  What?

At the hotel, Jade explains more of his upbringing, and how Peony, Dist, and Jade all called Keterburg home.  Jade even mentions that Dist would often accompany him when they were younger, though now he’d prefer it otherwise.  Anise thinks that Dist isn’t that bad of a person since he did modify her stuffed toy so that it could grow.

As the others retire for the night, Luke and Mieu head back to the governor’s mansion to talk with Nephry, who discloses her knowledge of Luke being a replica.  It’s her knowledge, however, that prompts her to talk about Jade’s past.  Jade was a child genius but did not understand the true magnitude of death until Nebilim changed his ways.  She believes that, with Nebilim now dead, Jade is plotting evil things with Dist, and begs Luke to stop him from destroying anything else.

I see what you did tharBig brother is weird....and creepy.

Sleepy Mieu?Late night walks are bad for your health.Why does sensei sound like a guy?

Returning to the hotel, Luke finds Jade waiting for him.  After Luke’s questioning, Jade explains that his thirst for more knowledge eventually got the better of him, and his attempt to control the Seventh Fonom destroyed a house and killed his teacher.  He promises to work with Dist and create a replica of his beloved teacher, but the replica was a failure.  Jade had vowed to work towards creating a perfect replica, and was brought into the Curtiss family, an established military family.  His nickname, ‘necromancer’,  comes from taking information from the corpses of fallen soldiers on the battlefield.  Luke understands Jade’s reasoning, but asks why is live fomicry prohibited.  Jade responds that the experiments he performed nearly killed him, and Peony had to talk sense into him in order to make him give up fomicry.  Furthermore, Jade realized that replicas have no memories, so even if his initial replica of Nebilim had been successful, she would have never been able to forgive him for his actions.  Luke can’t find much more to say other than his feeling somewhat closer to the Colonel than before.

The next day, the Tartarus is supplied and repaired, and the group heads off for their meeting with the emperor…

I want to learn everything kthx*BOOM*Uh oh, that can't be good.

Cat's out of the bag...makes Jade feel better?My eyes!  They forgot to draw my eyes!!!Eh heh heh...


  • Well, at least now you know Jade’s story.  Really, this episode was a one-trick pony.  Sure, Luke is showing a side of himself he’s never shown before, and people are certainly noticing.  However, this one really revolves around Jade, and why he’s around.
  • Nebilim talks like a little boy.  It sounds really odd.  Wonder who the VA is?  I’d check, but I’m too tired / lazy / don’t wanna / (insert whine here).
  • I can’t help myself, but whenever I hear ‘Nii-san’ in the tone Nephry uses, it reminds me of Akiha.  I have absoultely no explanation for it whatsoever other than the fact that I am a huge Type-Moon fan, and Akiha is just plain awesome.
  • Further proof that orphans, without proper upbringing, can be really messed up when they grow up.  Sad, isn’t it?  At least orphans today don’t have powers to create something out of nothing.  That’d be creepy.  But seriously, it’s a moral issue, and something should be done to take care of children who are left to fend for themselves.

Break time.I has a fierce.Sick amounts of engineering went into this one.


Didn’t the Romans prove that having open air water passages was a bad idea?  Transports disease and such?


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