Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 11: Lilith Mirror + Vampire

Cabaret Line of Kickass!

Oh wow, they actually used some of the manga material.  I’m impressed, although the end was a tad bit different than the manga storyline.  Nevertheless, this episode gives a better idea of what the series could be like if they actually used the material they have on hand.  Too bad they got so wrapped up in censorship issues and showing pantsu that they forgot about plot for about 6 episodes.

Then again, who’s watching this for plot?

3No bear this time?  What?No comment.  I'm out of comments.  Really.

Maid attack!Human power!D


Kyouko decides to pay Tsukune a visit at Youkai Academy, and Tsukune’s mother, Kasumi, gives her some ohagi (rice balls) to take with her.  When she gets there, however, she can’t help but notice the strange atmosphere; she also can’t help but notice Kokoa, who runs headlong into her.  The two have very similar packages, so Kokoa, in a mad dash to get to school, picks up one of them and bikes away.  Kyouko, after convincing herself forward, heads towards the school as well.

Inside she finds Tsukune and Moka walking along, but fails to grab his attention the way Kurumu does.  Kurumu now sports a maid costume she found back in the human world, and the harem quickly converges, and Kyouko doesn’t feel like interrupting anymore.  She suddenly realizes that her package is talking, and opens it to reveal a talking mirror.  Back in the dorms, Kurumu is annoyed, but Kou is thrilled at having a bunch of yummy ohagi snacks.  Kyouko doesn’t believe in youkai and still believes everything is a setup.  Lilith, the mirror guardian, decides to show her otherwise by revealing the Moka fanclub’s true form.  Still dumbfounded, Kyouko wonders if the entire school were like that, and Lilith proceeds to tear away at everybody’s human disguise.

The mirror guardian, Lilith.Awww, she's adorable!Oh shi- spy detector get!

Gestapo Ruby!*sniff sniff* hmm.... XDAnd the culprit is....well, guess who.

Back in the newspaper club room, Moka and Tsukune are waiting for Kurumu and Yukari to return, when an accident puts Moka in a very revealing position on top of Tsukune.  They are stopped from going any further by Ruby the school gestapo, who request the newspaper’s assistance in tracking down the missing Lilith Mirror, stolen by someone whose description matches Kokoa very well.  Gin-senpai, having his werewolf instincts released, storms the door and snaps pictures with more ferocity than normal, but is put down quickly by Moka.  Outside, Ruby tries to control he situation while Tsukune leaves to find the rest of the girls.  Unfortunately, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari were all tagged earlier with the mirror, and are now reduced to hormonal adolescents.  Further compounding the issue is Ruby’s return in her usual dress, except that she too has been changed by the mirror’s power; only Moka and Kyouko remain somewhere on the school grounds.

Ririko-sensei finds Kyouko first, and immediately finds her a rather tasty human treat.  Before anything happens, Moka jumps to Kyouko’s aid; however, the damage has already been done, and Kyouko can’t bring herself to trust Moka after such deception.  Moka stops slightly, but then admits that she’s sorry she deceived Kyouko all this time.  However, she doesn’t need Kyouko to believe her; instead, she should trust Tsukune, who is Moka’s best friend.  Kyouko finally agrees to stand and help Moka grab the mirror, and the two make a break for the middle of the pack, where they use Ririko-sensei as a trampoline before reaching the Lilith mirror.  Grabbing Lilith and the mirror, Moka looks at her reflection and unlocks her vampire self.

Suddenly, Lilith isn't cute anymore.Yeah, I guess they had to censor this one.Wild Cherries!

How does the mirror reflect Ruby?  I don't get it.IyaadaaaaaaaaaaaForceful Moka takes command.

With Moka’s vampire powers released, the youkai crowd is quickly dispersed, leaving only Lilith and her mirror to fend for themselves.  However, Lilith uses another power that forcibly separates one Moka from the other.  When both realize that their powers had dwindled, Lilith can only laugh.  After all, it should be obvious that when half is taken away, half the power is taken with them.  Surprisingly, though, Tsukune and the rest of the girls come to their aid.  Lilith can’t believe that they aren’t affected by her powers, but Kurumu makes it clear that their love for Tsukune will conquer all other influences.  As they prepare for battle, they pull out their secret weapons: blindfolds.  With Kyouko directing their fire like a seasoned artilleryman, the four girls quickly knock out Lilith, and the mirror is used to return the school to normal.  Kokoa, thrilled at having her sister apart from the pink-haired version, is led away for stealing the Lilith mirror in the first place.  Moka is slightly concerned, however, as she realizes that even her other self has feelings for Tsukune, and yet she is

Unleashing Moka with the Rosario still intact? Yup, guess it works.Single copy...lighten...collated....!!!

Ban-kai!  XDNice juxtaposition screen, no?That's the power of love.  Huey Lewis eat your heart out.


  • I couldn’t help but overrun the initial number of screenshots I usually do.  There were too many moments here you can just look and laugh at.  The amusing part is that while it’s all quite ecchi, it’s not done as if it were the sole focus.  It actually works its way into the overall story, which is something incredible with this series.
  • It does depart from some of the drama in the manga, however.  I preferred it when Kyouko was just delivering something instead of having Kokoa take the fall for stealing the mirror in the anime.  Also, it seems like the producers refuse to show any of Moka’s bad traits, as they totally ignore True Moka’s intentions of using the mirror for herself (as shown in the manga).  It does get the happy ending, but eh, I would’ve liked to see it.
  • Similarly, I guess we’re throwing out the entire ANTITHESIS plot line and going with “oh no the sky is falling out of its own accord” idea.  Sad to see a decent storyline get canned, but for two more episodes and a series that is more about showing off underwear than having good action sequences, it’s a logical step to take.
  • If witches are part human and don’t have a youkai exterior, how the hell does the mirror affect them?  Ruby basically acts like she’s a sex toy, and Yukari similarly loses her mind.  I guess the half-youkai aspect is reacting to it…in a very different way than expected.  Or maybe witches, deep down, are just very lustful.  Who knows?

They can't see me!  I can't see them!Moka supports herself in her own special way.Where'd my real sister go again!?

Kyouko believes in her childhood friend.Is this even legal to put on TV?The sky is falling!  THE SKY IS FALLING!  NO SERIOUSLY!


And the world comes crashing down…


7 Responses to Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 11: Lilith Mirror + Vampire

  1. Ray says:

    Nice review
    well, maybe this series will continue with season3 and I think antithesis plot are in season 3

  2. Soulreaver says:

    Well with rosario + vampire capu2 there are only 2 eps in the season ep 1 and the last episode all between there is going about nothing. well mabe the thing that moka meets Tsukune’s mother that was fun but anyway my point is that they can make alot more seasons if you ask me. well this anime is a perv/comedy so i dond expect to much tho :P.

  3. eric you says:

    i wonder if lilith should be a main character this time she is a big sized human like fairy expect for the wings and no longer has to use a mirror to get peoples souls.

  4. eric you says:

    crazy if the mirror guardian or lilith can also change to a sort of human like form what will happen to her sundress maybe she will get newier powers and grant more wishes or desires.

  5. Pam says:

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  6. Lisa says:

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