Tales of the Abyss Ep. 10: Atonement’s Return

Oh no, Mieu's gone insane!

Run, it’s the cops!

"Can I go home now?""Hmm...whatever, I guess so."I'm watching you...

Tear doesn't look very different.Evil plot, evil plot!So can I come too?


Luke and Tear meet with Teodoro to apologize, but it’s Teodoro who basically drops a bomb on them.  Although Van had believed in the Score’s foretelling of Luke saving Azkeriuth, the true “Closed” Score, known only to a select few, predicted Azkeriuth’s destruction.  In fact, Mohs’ actions are meant to keep the world aligned with the Score so that they get the prosperity promised to them at the end of the road.  As Luke and Tear stare in shock, Teodoro also affirms that St. Binah will not fall, no matter Van’s efforts.  Since Luke is so worried, however, he permits the use of the Yulia Road to get back to the Outer Lands and witness the unfolding of the Score for himself.

Tear herself can’t quite comprehend what was going on, but suspects that Hod’s destruction also fell in line with the Closed Score; Luke also remembers that Van is supposedly trying to replicate Hod, his and Tear’s home.  When she was younger, Tear overheard Van’s plan to annihilate the Outer Lands, and the trouble it would be if Asch learned of it.  This is the main reason why Tear stands up to her brother, and why she now thinks Luke wasn’t solely at fault for Azkeriuth.  Luke, now trying to change himself, thanks Tear to talking to him and says that she is a strong person.  It marks the first time Luke has ever thanked her for anything.  The two decide to return to the Outer Lands via the Yulia Road, and emerge at the Aramis Springs.

Beam me up, Scotty!Landed in a toilet bowl...?Hallo~

You brought WHO back!?Waaah waaaaaaaaah I'm a crybaby waaaaaahRoll out the welcome wagon....for Guy.

As they leave the springs, they find Guy waiting for them.  Luke, still unsure how people will react, is hesitant, but Guy reassures him that he is himself and Asch will be Asch.  Luke ends up thanking Guy as well, which confuses him to no end.  After Luke asks him why he waited, Guy remembers the past when he was teaching Luke to walk, and Luke stubbornly looking forward instead of dwelling on the past.  Guy encourages Luke to move past what happened at Azkeriuth and help out people as best he can.  Outside the cave, Jade awaits them (actually, just Guy), as both Ion and Natalia have managed to get themselves captured.  With Ion and Natalia in hand, Mohs intends to begin the war between Kimlasca and the Malkuth Empire.  Jade enlists Guy, Tear and Mieu, but doesn’t really care what Luke does.

They move to the Lorelei HQ at Daath to meet Anise, who is incredulous at seeing the spoiled brat again.  Tear uses her influence to get into the main building, although she has to explain her true mission – to find the Seventh Fonstone – to everybody else.  Inside, they overhear Ligretta and Mohs just before they depart for Baticul to oversee the progression of the war.  Luke enourages the group forward, but Jade reminds him that the road ahead will have human soldiers, giving Luke some pause.

Evil plot!  Evil plot!!Lost trust and all that.Ahhhh more girls!!

And to think Anise fawned over his money just three episodes ago...Someone's happy to see the sunshine again.Scheming Tear is less...evil than others.

Mieu acts as a distraction while the group looks for Ion and Natalia.  As Mieu pulls guards from their posts, Luke is ambushed from behind, and he is forced to retaliate.  After a short but heated battle, Luke is forced to kill the Oracle soldier.  He expresses regret at the loss, but knows that there’s no other option given the situation.  He continues to push through, and they eventually find the missing pair.  Anise is thrilled to see Ion again, while Natalia, despite all her confusion, seems happy enough to see Luke again.  Guy urges a quick exit to lessen the casualties, and the group makes a break for the outskirts of Daath.

As they recover, Ion proposes they approach Emperor Peony and try to stop the war before it breaks out.  Although he resides far away, Asch conveniently left the Tartarus in dock for them.  Luke stops to think about his true self, but Guy again reminds him to simply forget about it.  After all, Luke is Luke, and Asch is Asch.

Jade confronts Luke once more.Anise has yet to buy in as well.Luke vs. other humans!  Oh no!

Oh snap he killed someone!Mieu did all the real work.Wallpaper worthy screens with every episode!


  • Luke finally grows a pair, and acts like a normal, sane human being.  About bloody time, isn’t it?  It’s amazing what a haircut will do for you.
  • If you’re still missing the dynamic between Luke and Tear, you’re just not getting it.
  • Mieu is useful, and STILL manages to be the most adorable ‘bait’ ever.  Absolutely hilarious.
  • First line when they hit the spring – “It’s wet”.  First thing into my mind: “Good God, they’ve telepored into an outhouse!”
  • You know, I kind of like having the technical things spelled out in detail and all, but it’s getting a bit much.  I honestly don’t care why they won’t get wet because of the magic pushing it aside.  There are some details this series does not need.  It’s like weaving a fine tapestry, too much and it just gets cumbersome, heavy, and annoying.
  • Guy + girls = classic humor.  Anise needs to jump on him again.

O_o?Whozat?  I don't remember much anymore -_-Luke still on Jade's bad side.


Family reunion!


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