Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 10: Bishounen + Vampire

Kokoa is mai waifu

How do you assemble a harem within a single episode in the anime world?

  1. Learn hypnosis
  2. Control all of the girls
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!

I guess it also helps to be pretty hot stuff too.

No name and depressed first year cannon fodder for the new kid in town.Moka + Tsukune 4ever!

Freshman are so gullible.Tarot!  Cookies!  Tarot!  Cookies!!Not exactly in shining armor, is he?


Ijuuin Kotarou transfers into class 2-1, and all of the girls immediately take notice; the Tsukune harem stubbornly sticks with their man, however.  It’s not long until Kotarou begins working his magic, beginning with the new students.

In the cafeteria, Yukari and Kurumu argue as usual, with Yukari claiming her Tarot reading is more important (and better) than Kurumu’s cookies.  Mizore breaks up their childish fight, and the group gets up to leave the cafeteria.  Yukari stumbles on a banana peel, and ends up in the arms…and later the control…of Kotarou.

Kid in the candy shop Mizore!And this is why Mizore doesn't smile a lot...Nooooo the bear denies us yet again!

The Black Army is much...cuter than expected.Tsukune harem hijack!

During PE time, Mizore is at her usual stalking location and is discovered by the transfer student, and she succumbs to Kotarou’s will without much of a fight.  Kurumu and Moka, in charge of putting the balls back in the storage area, complete the attack on the Tsukune harem, though Moka at least struggles to hang on to her free will longer than the others.  With a legion of female Youkai Academy students behind him, Kotarou takes charge of the day’s activities, and Gin and Nekomimi-sensei are helpless to stop him.  Meanwhile, Kokoa is found looking all through the academy for Kou-chan, who has mysteriously gone missing, and finds she’s missed everybody yet again.

Kokoa missed the party again?Inside they're screaming.  But what do we care?Dominatrix-style Ruby!

Kokoa crashes the karaoke party...weirdest courtship ritual EVER.Sisterly love?

Kotarou holds a concert for himself and his screaming ‘fans’, with the Tsukune harem + Nekomimi-sensei providing dance support.  Tsukune tries to stop him but is intercepted with a subverted Ruby, who proceeds to whip him silly on stage.  Kokoa finally makes her appearance and puts up a tough fight with Kotarous “jutei” hypnosis, but eventually even her vampiric powers are rendered useless.  Moka, trying to protect her little sister, steps forward despite Kotarou’s control, and in a flurry of activity, Tsukune manages to undo the seal, releasing true Moka.

A series of unfortunate events, which includes the new guy peeping on both vampires pants, leads to Kotarou’s demise and reversion back to being Kou-chan.  Moka, before reverting back to her pink-haired self, tells Kokoa that the ‘other Moka’ had come forward first, but Kokoa still refuses to acknowledge the weaker Moka as her sister.  With the Tsukune harem intact once more, Kokoa walks away and things are normal again…for now.

Different sister, same result.See?  Same result.D

Awww, Moka really is adorable like this.Kokoa still doesn't like pink-MokaCappuchuu...again...


  • The bat’s got some moves.  Go figure, it can transform itself into a hammer, so why not transform himself into a hot guy and get nearly ever babe on campus?  Too bad he had to go for the Tsukune harem, or else Kou could’ve been the happiest bat that ever lived.
  • Signs that Kokoa is coming around?  Yes, but it’s still doubtful it’ll happen in this season.  Speaking of which, I wonder if there’s enough of a following to get a third season?  There’s plenty of material left because nothing actually happened in Capu2 that goes in line with the manga.  Maybe we can have a serious season now?  (yeah, right, I know, but I can dream, no?)
  • Who didn’t see right off the bat (heh) that Kotarou was Kou?  I dunno, but it seemed pretty obvious once Kokoa went around looking for her missing bat.  Then again, this is not your show for subtleties.

Strike 1.Strike 2?D


Next week should be quite familiar to those who follow the manga.  I actually really liked that chapter too, so I’m looking forward to it.


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