Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 8: Neighbor

Dog ears?  Seriously?

I had such high hopes for the third installment of this series, too.  I’m just praying now that they don’t completely butcher it all by the end of the 13th episode.  It can’t POSSIBLY get any worse than this!  This episode, however, is proof that nothing is taken seriously anymore.  I now assume that there won’t be a dramatic end like Futakomori ended on.  This is all very tongue-in-cheek, and it’s almost as if it were a parody of itself.  I suppose if you like that kind of humor, all the power to you.  For me, it’s pretty much a waste of my time.  I’m a week behind, and I just barely mustered the effort to put up with it.

Shintani shops at Petco for her jewelry needs!CHAAAAARGE!!!Dog not eaten yet.

Dog has that bracelet too!  How cool!Quite friendly, isn't she.Point cards FTW


Yamawaro and Kikuri are chasing a chihuahua around, and it ends up in the relatively safe hands of Yuzuki.  Yuzuki runs away and gets Momo (the dog) back to the owner, a woman named Hatsumi, thus denying Kikuri the chance to eat some yummy dog.  At the door, Shintani stops and shows off her new jewelry, only to find Momo actually has the same bracelet on.  Shintani spends the entire time on the bus desperately trying to get the bracelet off, while back at the apartment Yuzuki and Hatsumi have a nice friendly chat.

The three all get in the same elevator, where Shintani shows off some brand new Italian-designed shoes.  She’s kept careful track of her points, and Hatsumi admits she doesn’t really keep careful watch of her shopping points.  Momo takes a moment to take a leak, and some of it splashes onto Shintani’s brand new (and expensive looking) shoes, earning her permanent anger towards dogs.

Oops peepee.Asymmetric faces are scary.woo ha ha ha ha...

Akie thinks dogs smell.  I agree.The dog love is getting old now...OMG walls shaking!!!

Shintani begins to take actions to get Momo thrown out of the apartment complex, by spreading evil rumors, framing Momo for disturbing the peace, peeing on the stairwell, etc.  Hatsumi, in peaceful obliviousness, forces Shintani to take some more drastic measures, including putting a rotting compost pile on the veranda and attacking the walls that separate their rooms .  Shintani finds a show that talks about what dogs should not eat, and actually makes a meatball out of it, which causes Momo to collapse.  Hatsumi finally confronts her evil neighbor and what seems to be actions without motive, but when she gets no response, she vows revenge.  As Hatsumi returns from the pet clinic, she is met by Yamawaro and Kikuri, who suggest the Jigoku Tsuushin.  This gives Hatsumi a chance to look up the website and meet Enma Ai herself.

grrr.....dog dying noooooo!rage...building....

Cozy houseHell is so pretty...You've got mail!

Later on, Hatsumi finds a note on her door saying a package had been delivered but picked up by Shintani.  Up on the roof, the package is found to be some toilet sheets for poor Momo, but Shintani scatters them all over the roof.  One of them flies beyond the railing, where Hatsumi can’t reach.  Shintani laughs and walks back downstairs, where she doesn’t see Hatsumi fall over the railing.  Momo is there to deliver the straw doll, and Hatsumi manages to pull the red string before she falls several stories to the ground below.

Shintani is tortured in ways unimaginable, her mech is destroyed around her by ravaging…garbage.  Her voice turned to that of a dog, she is sent to Hell by inumimi-Enma Ai.  At the hospital, Yuzuki delivers get well soon flowers, but all Hatsumi can think of is how dogs aren’t allowed in the hospital.

Special delivery!Bu ha ha ha ha....evil b*tchLittle dog can't help you now.  Should've gotten a husky.

Jigoku Shoujo meets Tron!Attaaaack!No dogs allowed.  How sad.


  • What a load of fail.  They’re not even trying anymore with this series.  I couldn’t even laugh at it anymore, it was so bad.  We now have every single possible way of sending someone to Hell covered.  Yes, including the “oops I missed saving myself” pull as you fall down a building and MIRACULOUSLY SURVIVE.
  • If this were a parallel world, it should be blown up.  Rabid dog lover meets rabid shopper, and madness ensues, ending up with two souls in Hell, all because a dog has the same bracelet the shopper does.  Talk about consumer envy.
  • Shintani might be the UGLIEST character I’ve ever seen animated.  I’m including the distorted Higurashi faces on the list too, it’s just that godawful.  In the same vein as Higurashi, Hatsumi’s mood shift harkens back to Shmion.  I almost want to watch that series again instead of suffer through more rubbish like this.  I mean, if I want my paranoia fix or something, might as well watch something that…well, isn’t intentionally funny.
  • Who thinks of these tortures?  Mecha meets Hell meets…Super Monkey Robot Team?  Someone shoot me now, these are just horrible.
  • Enma Ai with dog ears?  No thank you.
  • Too bad I said I’d finish this, I almost don’t want to anymore.  ToraDora gives me more chuckles than this right now.  That isn’t to say that ToraDora got better…just that…well, you do the math.

Voodoo magic club!Ice queen cometh.BFF?  Please?


I don’t wanna be alone!  I don’t wanna be alone!!!!


One Response to Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 8: Neighbor

  1. wonnle says:

    it’s almost like mitsuganae is written by the same people who invented the man bra. it’s so sick it’s not even funny!

    At the beginning I though the ugly hag would send the dog to hell. Man…that would’ve made a GREAT episode…

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