Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 9: Ski + Vampire


Well…it’s not exactly snow woman country, but I guess it comes close enough.  Since it’s techically a skiing episode, not many panty shots this time around (mixed blessing?).  In fact, only Kokoa provides that kind of…relief.  Still mind-numbingly funny, I suppose, though it’s really a novelty show right now.  To be honest, I’ve been watching more Top Gear, House, and Fringe than anime.  American TV can be good sometimes – honestly!

Kokoa watching the pr0nz?Thick ski clothes don't stand a chance to those.

OKokoa tries so hard...Moka stole her thunder!


Kokoa finds joy in watching a highlight reel of her favorite onee-sama, and decides to grab the rosario off of Moka.  However, she finds the class gone on a skiing retreat at a lodge owned by none other than Shirayuki Tsurara.  Kokoa grabs her trusty bike and gives pursuit.

Once there, Moka and Tsukune plan to go skiing together, but things fall apart as Kurumu and Yukari fall out of nowhere and commence fighting over whom Tsukune would teach skiing to.  It’s all for naught as Mizore, riding a homemade snowboard (or ‘iceboard’) grabs Tsukune and speeds away.  Tsurara has the room prepared for them, but Tsukune manages to weasel out of his outer coat.

Someone's missing...Oh, Tsurara and Mizore are at it again...Rosario + Wrong Vampire

Holy ****!All alone in a blizzard!Really no comparison, is there?

Moka finds an exhausted Tsukune, and the two are joined by Kokoa, who can’t figure out why Tsukune can take the rosario off her sister’s chest when she can’t.  Her yells of frustration trigger an avalanche, and Moka is the only one left standing, wondering if her boyfriend and sister had fallen off the edge of the nearby cliff.  She rushes back to the conveniently placed onsen and grabs reinforcements to look for the missing two.

It turns out that Kokoa and Tsukune had dropped into a cave, and Kokoa will have nothing of it.  She makes her way back out, but immediately begins freezing to death amidst the chilling winds and raging snow.  It doesn’t help that they hear the yell of a monster over the wind, and Tsukune forcefully gets Kokoa back into the cave, where they have some bonding time before Kokoa collapses.

DVD VERSION NOW!!!Tiny Kokoa!All alone in a cave...with the wrong girl

Awwwwwww, her too?Badass snowboards)

Soon enough, a yeti-looking ‘snow man’ appears at the cave entrance, and Tsukune does his best to ward him off from the yet-to-recover Kokoa.  Mizore finally finds the two and hurls ice spears, but the yeti has no issue defeating her projectiles; however, it does give enough time to Tsukune to carry Kokoa farther away.  The yeti gives chase, but the entire group is found by Moka, whose rosario is removed when she lands on the yeti’s head and tips over towards Tsukune.

The reunion is short lived (although Kokoa does get a swipe at the rosario, only to pass out again), as the yeti comes back undaunted.  It turns out that it’s Mizore’s father, and he simply wanted to point out a safe place.  Tsukune apologizes for the complete misunderstanding, and the search party returns home.  At the end of the trip, Kokoa has recovered and is beating the bus on her bike, and Mizore’s father finally shows his true self.

Abominable Snowman lolSki Patrol Tsukune*boing*

True Moka is hot in that ski outfitShe's...smiling!?DAD?!


  • This series needs more Kokoa and true Moka.
  • What happened to the dark ending at the end of last episode?  This was a complete surprise, I expected them to take that route and run with it.  Nope, we get yet another filler anime episode that deliverse some amusement, but it’s certainly nothing to write home about.  Especially when only one character actually has exposed pantsu the entire time, and the ecchi is restricted to pretty much insanely overdrawn…ahem…assets on Kurumu and Moka.
  • They must’ve forgotten to hire the VA for Mizore’s father.  GRAWR and no real lines.
  • I did chortle when Ruby got her line stolen by Moka.  It’s also a sign that now they REALLY don’t care about this series at all.  Hooray for poking fun at ourselves!

Uh oh, he's surroundedWTF DAD?!She secretly <3s Tsukune too.

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  1. Oracle says:

    Nice review for this series. I like it…

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