Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 8: Youth + Vampire

Ruby does not approve of these skirts.

Yes, I am way behind due to sickness, work, and some extenuating circumstances.  Let’s see if I can get back up to speed sooner rather than later, starting with the latest episode of R+V.  This episode is quite a mash of different short stories, but the end is quite a shift in tone.  It’s literally as if someone flipped a switch on the entire thing.

Meido Ruby-sanThe usual rowdiness continuesLong skirts >>> *

Cosplay Nekomimi-senseiEquipment malfunction!The stash!  Protect the stash!


This and that…PART-01

Ruby has been assigned to yard duty and is busy sweeping away when Tsukune says hello.  Ruby is happy that Tsukune recognizes her, but soon enough it degenerates as the four girls of the Tsukune harem arrive and begin bickering with each other.  Ruby puts an immediate stop to their argument and claims that they are all causing Tsukune trouble because their skirts are too short.  Ruby immediately assumes the guardian role of making sure all skirts at the Youkai Academy are an appropriate length.

Nya nya nya~

Nekomimi-sensei tries to teach class, but nobody pays attention following the closing bells.  She overhears some of the students talking about Ruby’s new policy of long skirts, and suddenly realizes she has nothing more than the shorts she normally wears.  She goes to buy some new gear, but is distracted with all the cosplay possibilities.  Ririko-sensei (the insane math teacher from season 1) puts a stop to Nekomimi’s antics in a swimsuit, but eventually tries on a schoolgirl uniform herself, much to Ruby’s dismay.

Gin-senpai’s ‘Cool Spot’

Gin-senpai has always had an eye for the beauties of Youkai Academy.  His photographic capabilities are second-to-none, and are always important to the newspaper club – when they’re relevant, that is.  However, Gin cannot help but notice that Tsukune is the one getting all of the attention.  He returns the next day with a new haircut to compensate.  Sure enough, even Moka is taken aback by Gin-senpai’s new look, which closely mirrors the rough and touble style Tsukune normally wears.  Sudden shift to Moka being captured by Ririko-sensei, who is opposed by an obvious Nekomimi-sensei, dressed as a catwoman.  Although Tsukune and Moka get free, Ririko does a number on Nekomimi’s pants, showing her underwear to all involved…

Everybody <3 TsukuneGin got a haircut'(

It's not Nekomimi.  Really.Bear pantsu on the cat!Raep!

Good day, Kurumu-chan!

Kurumu enjoys a moment terrorizing her three love rivals and their attempts to do things together with Tsukune.

Bathroom + Vampire  Extra Lessons

Kokoa just barely missed seeing her big sister and her friends at Tsukune’s house and returns to Youkai Academy in a dark mood.  Kou tries to cheer her up a bit, but Kokoa has none of it and flicks him away.  Suddenly the karate club comes out of nowhere with their training jog, knocking Kokoa to the ground.  She gets up and looks around for Kou, only to find him making a nice addition to her pristine white undergarments.

Seven Different Tastes

Day in and day out, Tsukune loses a bit of his blood to Moka.  When he gets back to his dorm room, he drinks insane amounts of different things, including Calpico and hot sauce.  Still Moka comes back for more, and it doesn’t stop until Tsukune knocks down a ton of garlic and forces Moka away.  Insert a public service announcement – Girls don’t like guys who smell!  Take care of yourselves!  Do it for Moka, okay?

The bat became underwear, lulzYou smell kthxbyeGirls don't like smelly people!

Ruby the guardian.  *hint hint*Bolt from the blue~Hand goes where?

Wolf and Dog

Yukari’s found a new pet!  Only problem is the dog is a total pest to pretty much everybody else, and is exiled from the school, leaving a tearful Yukari.

This and that…PART-02

Ruby is inspecting all of the girls’ skirts as they enter academy grounds and finding them acceptable until a trio of freshmen show up.  Their defiance earns them a lightning bolt to shock some sense into them.  Gin tries to stop Ruby, since he’s running out of things to take pictures of, but Ruby coyly plays him and gets him to agree with her plans.  Soon enough the Tsukune harem arrives, long skirts and all; Ruby considers it all a great success when a gust of wind blows all of their skirts up anyway, revealing all of their undergarments.  To top it off, the teachers have returned to school in sailor uniforms, since they didn’t have anything to wear either.  Ruby cries out but trips and falls, exposing her own, rather risqué panties.  In the end, however, all is forgiven and the group remains a happy one.  Even Kokoa gets some fun, as she chases her big sister around campus.

Not done yet!

Instead of a preview, why don’t we look at the last part of this episode?  Gone is the playful, “this and that” Ruby, as she makes her report to the headmaster of Youkai Academy.  Ruby affirms that the barrier between the human and monster world is still holding strong.  The headmaster can’t say enough about how important the barrier is, as it protects against the chaos that comes when the two worlds collide.  The headmaster asks Ruby to continue guarding the school, to which she easily agrees.

*nose bleed*Marilyn Monroe just rolled in her graveSENSEI!?

Vampire Moka >>>>> Regular MokaSunset walks are fun and relaxingThe gang's all here!


  • Real meat of the story, if you want to call it that, are the first and last arcs.  The rest is pure gag material, although the 2nd arc was good for some fanservice to Nekomimi-sensei.  The Japanese must’ve had a poll or something and clamored for more shots of everybody’s favorite cat girl.  The most important segment, however, is the last one.
  • It’s really surprising that after all the jokes and amusement, they suddenly drop in that little dramatic tidbit.  I guess they are trying to maintain some continuity with the manga and everything.  With 4 more episodes to go, it’s a tall order to do a lot of development, but it’d be nice to see Tsukune in ghoul mode at least once.
  • I’m not even going to comment on censorship anymore.  They’re just poking fun at themselves now.
  • Moka’s PSA.  An obvious acceptance of “only lonely guys and NEET people would be watching this trash”.  (Which I beg to differ, since I’m not in either group.  So nyah!)
  • Marilyn Monroe, anybody?  Long skirts just looks so out of place in this series, and Ruby really is the only person that could pull it off.  Mizore looks odd without her normal style skirt and low-riding belt.  When the wind came through, however, Marilyn probably tossed around a bit in her grave.

Headmaster is a dude in nun clothes.  WTF?Ruby, the 'Guardian'


Skiing!  But snow gear can’t show skirts and panties!  Aww…


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