Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 7: Liar

Kikuri <3s baseball!This could’ve gotten up yesterday if I managed to press ‘Publish’ before I got evacuated.  At least the fires have died down, and most of us in the lower OC area can return home.  We’re all eternally grateful to the fire department, law enforcement, and pretty much everybody who’s participated in fighting this fire, it’s their efforts that allow us to keep our homes.

Anyway, to this episode – bleh.  Dramatic ‘twist’ is what they aimed for, but you can kind of predict where they want to take the story in a fairly regular fashion.  Takes most of the fun out of the suspense, really.  I am a little more excited about next week – hopefully Yuzuki gets to do more than just see visions in her head…

Oh, and was I wrong about Abyss not showing this weekend?  Hmm….odd.

Ryuuji, is that you?!Let's be friends!The eyes are very attractive.

FINAL SMASH!Choosing what's for dinner is harder than you think.Mom isn't happy to see you home.  That sucks.


Inuo Atsushi has just transferred into Yuzuki’s school, and the homeroom teacher assigns Washizu to be a pseudo-mentor for the new guy.  The girls quickly take notice of Inuo, as he is gifted with a variety of talents.  Even the town hears of him because he’s a son that is taking care of his sickly mother.  Apparently, Inuo and his mother had moved to the suburbs because of her sickness being worse in a big city.

Returning home, Inuo finds his mom watching TV, which is making light of the Jigoku Shoujo.  Flashback – Inuo and his mom have been living a lie, as her ‘condition’ is merely an excuse to get away from her husband and not need to walk out of the house.

Girl 2nd from the left.  OMG needs to be animated more.  NOW."Yaoya" - greengrocer.2 guys in the sunset...bad memories of a previous episode -_-

You said WHAT to WHO!?Mom is all alone...Uketorinasai~

Inuo continues to lie to his friends, saying that his father never comes to visit because he works at a restaurant through Saturday, leaving little time to come out and say hi.  Yuzuki would show him a greengrocer to get cheaper vegetables because she lives alone, and Inuo suddenly reflects that it must be nice to have that freedom.  Washizu soon meets up with Inuo, and the two talk for a while at the park, where Inuo reveals his secret to his friend.  Washizu tries to get him to talk to a teacher, but he refuses and runs home, where an angry mother beats her son before breaking down in tears and exclaiming that she’s all alone because Inuo betrayed her the way her husband did.  Inuo is prompted to access the Jigoku Tsuushin and receive a straw doll, but it’s unclear who it’s for.

Rumors start flying around of Inuo’s mom going out with pretty much every single male in the city, and it takes its toll on the poor kid.  He tries to stop his mother from going out but fails miserably at it; Washizu makes an unscheduled visit to try to convince Inuo once more to talk to somebody – anybody! – about his problems.  Washizu finds the straw doll in Inuo’s backpack, and he is familiar with the Jigoku Shoujo legends, so he urges his friend to think seriously about what he’s doing.

Yuzuki should really start doing something about these dreams...Jigoku R&R...Bad things happen at sunset...

Sudden friend visitHone-Onna dieted too much.Fail spies

Later at night, Inuo receives a call from Washizu, and the two meat in front of a seedy looking bar.  Together, they look at a couple exiting; one is clearly Inuo’s mother, drunk and clinging onto some stranger.  She vehemently denies that she has a child, and they walk away, leaving Inuo to take the straw doll out of his pocket.  Washizu tries to stop him, but Inuo pulls the string, and…

Washizu finds himself in Hell.  He clings for his life to a branch, but the Jigoku Tsuushin only looks on and places the blame on him.  As he finally falls, Enma Ai takes him to hell, where Washizu will have eternity to think about why he was cursed.  Yuzuki finds Inuo the next day at the supermarket, preparing a ‘feast’ for his father’s visit.  At night, his mother is also surprised that Inuo has withdrawn into a much, much deeper web of lies.

Mom's a slut.  SrslyHELP MEEEEEEECruelty at its best...?

Vengeful Yuzuki...?Mommy is still cranky at...er..See what happens when you lie?


  • Lies and deception, lies and deception.  Running motif in this season, is it not?  I might have said this before, but it’s the old “Oh the tangled webs we weave” kind of idea.  Adam from Mythbusters had some quote, “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.  Inuo has clearly broken from all the stress of living a lie, and now even thinks his dad is going to come visit, when clearly it’s not going to happen.  Honesty is the best policy has now been forced-fed down our throats for the upteenth time, and I grow tired of it.
  • Did they just re-use the Ryuuji (from ToraDora) eyes?  Seriously, they look so WEIRD.  I’d love to see if girls would really think he was awesome or not in real life.  Knowing the superficiality of high school girls, I doubt he’d last long with that kind of status.  But I KNOW they can draw half decent characters.  Look at the girl second from the left.  I KNOW they can do it, but they don’t.  WHY!?
  • Yuzuki is passive yet again, but it looks like it’ll change soon.  The preview for next week’s episode says that much.  I think.
  • Budget goes where?  All those moments where Enma Ai had a unique animation for her little “ippen shindemiru” moment are gone!  Now she’s upside down…oh, REAL clever there.
  • Plot twist where?  I sort of saw this coming, where Washizu would get damned instead.  It’s been a running thing in JS Mitsuganae that those who don’t really deserve to go to Hell…well, go to Hell.  How would this be any different?  The stress made Inuo’s decision extremely irrational.  Kids these days, always acting so impulsive.
  • You’d think that guy in a singles bar could do better than score THAT ass.  Goodness, I just about spewed the water I was drinking while I watched.

Why don't you <3 dogs?!Yuzuki meets Jigoku Tsuushin!Whoa...scary face is SCARY.


Yuzuki meets Jigoku Tsuushin, and PETA has a word with our producers.


3 Responses to Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 7: Liar

  1. Fareki says:

    I totally agree. This episode was too predictable, hmm, so it kinda took my obsession off a bit. I guess the episode not being subbed did that too….


    Honestly, where did all the best bits of this series go?!?!

  2. Fanar Burner says:

    This series imho started out strong in the first season, was more than watchable but not as good in the second season, and now in S3 has pretty much jumped the shark. It was Enma Ai’s quiet charm that was the draw of the series, and now, she’s a cheap bauble. As far as this ep. goes, all I can say is WTF. They need to start season 3 over and pay the mafia money to force everyone to forget these took place

  3. wonnle says:

    seriously…the first season is the best. futokomori was really good too.
    but this?
    I hate what they did to mitsuganae….but I’ll keep watching just in case something turn out to be good.

    but this is an okay episode. predictable, but okay.

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