Tales of the Abyss Ep. 7: Desert Rain


Good time to be a week late, no?  There’s no Tales of the Abyss airing until the 22nd, so I get to play catch up.  Not that being one episode behind is a terrible thing.  However, I can’t remember the last time I facepalmed so many times in a single episode.  I know that Luke is an asshole, but this one really takes the cake.  Kudos to the entire team for bringing out THAT lousy aspect of him.  After all, his stupidity made me sit through an entire episode without one single humorous moment out of Tear and Anise…sort of.

Double time!Luke and co. arrive at the ruins...Mieu the pyro guy

Seals are quite colorful.Didn't he DIE!?  Oh wait.Awesome pose is awesome.


Luke is in a terrible mood because of the group’s detour to rescue Fon Master Ion, which makes his reunion with Van that much farther away.  Asch reveals that they are in the Zao Ruins, and Luke’s group makes for the ruins.  Inside, Asch is having Ion remove a Daathic seal, a seal that would unlock Sephiroth.

Luke and co. crash the party, prompting the emergence of Sync and Largo, who, contrary to popular belief, did not die from getting run through by Jade’s spear.  This time, Luke doesn’t shy away from battle and rushes forth to battle, while Guy takes some damage fighting Sync.  Eventually the battle winds down to an Asch vs. Luke affair, but the ceiling begins to collapse, leading both parties away.  At the last moment, Largo suddenly finds that the young female archer is named Natalia.

It's just a flesh wound.Luke v. Luke, again...War brings people together?

Luke is still pissed.STILL PISSED.The clowns callin' again...

Outside Ion is exhausted and the group wants to take a rest, but Luke is having none of it, and urges the group to continue on to Azkeruith.  Ion sucks it up and, despite complaints from Tear and Anise, the group resumes their trip to Azkeruith.  They stop at the trading post of Chesedonia, where they are supposed to catch a ride to Azkeruith.  Luke continues griping when the mercenary group that had originally captured Ion speaks up.  They have clearly confused Luke for Asch, and their mistake prompts their immediate departure.  On the way up to the boat, Guy suddenly finds that Sync has placed a curse slot on him.  Ion notes that it’s only a problem when Ion is close by, but also realizes that only a Fon Master can use that skill.

Shoulda put some Neosporin on that.DSTILL PISSED...!!!

One day that mouth of yours will get you into trouble...I love Luke (and his money...)!Ion falls (part 1)

The road from Kimlasca into Azkeruith is unusually well kept, considering the town is Malkuth property.  Ion collapses on the road, however, leading to a short break for everybody.  Legretta takes that moment to reveal herself.  She tries to call Tear back to her side, and her influence on Tear as her former mentor gives Tear some pause.  However, Tear does not yet trust her brother enough to return, and continues to stay with Luke, the…reject?  Luke is thoroughly confused, but nobody gives him an answer, and Tear ends up berating him for his selfishness.  Luke continues his pouty ways, but continues on anyway.

Finally gets off his high horse a lil..Legretta appears yet again..Yay for flashbacks.



  • This episode is meant to piss you off, and it does a pretty good job of it.  I’ve never wanted to throw so much crap at my screen before.  Ambassador Asshat Luke indeed.  Even Anise didn’t provide much of a humorous lift; she was pissed off too.  Serious business.
  • That cursed slot may come back to haunt Guy.  No, it probably will haunt him.  Which begs the question: if it takes a Fon Master to put it on, what does it take to get it off?  Ion clearly had no abiliy to do it and just let Guy take it.  This is where my memory gets fuzzy.  Also, I’m entrenched in playing Tales of Vesperia, so now things are starting to get jumbled together in my head.
  • Largo’s recognition of the name Natalia is a huge tipoff for things to come later.  HUGE.  Similarly, if you don’t know who Sync is by now, just drop the series.  The hints are not very subtle.  Very video game-esque, actually, they put the suggestion there so you remember it as you traverse the lands.
  • I have to get me one of those smoke bombs so I can disappear from an awkard situation too…
  • Seals are SHINY.

Humanitarian aid getMore Asch fun.For once, Jade isn't the focal point in the picture.  Seriously, Anise is ridiuclous.


Disaster!  Someone call the Red Cross!

Oh, and here’s your EPIC background at the episode’s end.  Meh, not a fan.



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