Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 7: Bathroom + Vampire

ToraTsukune XD

Oh wow, they went back to the manga!  Best of all, they pulled it off pretty accurately too.  I remain hopeful to see a GAR version of Tsukune by the end of this season.  This episode, however, was just fun to watch.  The manga chapter was already quite amusing, so to see it animated was something very interesting.  It’s kind of strange that there is a sense of seriousness at the end of the episode, though.  Again, GAR Tsukune?

Proper human world conduct.WHY YOU CENSOR THISPoor mommy just met the girlfriend.

Alone with a girl in my room = ???Honey, there's a lump.Harem arrival!


With a bit of free time on their trip to the human world, Tsukune decides to go home, and his surprised mother is more than happy to see him.  However, Moka also decides to stop by, flooring Tsukune’s mother with her beauty.  While mom tries to come to grips with the first girl Tsukune’s brought home, the two go up to Tsukune’s room, where they find…well, Kurumu and Mizore, who had fallen asleep while hiding.  Soon enough, Yukari joins and makes a whole mess of things, and Tsukune’s mom passes out from the female overload.  Tsukune tries to convince her that they’re all just friends, but it’s not going over very well; meanwhile, Moka and the others hang their heads as they hear Tsukune say they’re “just friends”.

WHY IS THERE A HAREM HERE !?Go Kokoa, Go!Alone with girl in the bathroom = ???

Harem disasterKyouko appears!The full harem + mommy is here

Kurumu decides to make her move while Tsukune is taking a bath, but is caught by Mizore.  The war escalates as Mizore (in her swimsuit) is chased by Kurumu (in her unbuttoned shirt), who is in turn chased by Tsukune and Yukari (holding Tsukune’s pants).  The group ends up on the stairs when Kyouko pays a visit, adding yet another girl to the scene; thankfully, Tsukune’s mom is already used to her.  Kyouko tries to get to know all of them and see who might be best suited for Tsukune, but it all goes south as Moka says the wrong things…”Tsukune is my first one…” and such.  Kurumu and Mizore quickly get back to their fighting and take it outside, where they start unleashing their youkai powers to the delight then disbelief of Kyouko.

Kyouko is adorable.  Self introduction must be hard to the parents...<

Free show!Human world + youkai powers = !?

Inside, Moka apologizes to Tsukune’s mother for being so much trouble for her.  However, Tsukune’s mother finally remembers the Akashiya name, and tells Moka that Tsukune talks about her all the time when he calls home, and even wanted to introduce her to his parents since a long time ago.  She asks a teary-eyed Moka to take care of Tsukune.

Once outside, the three have pretty much exhausted their powers and knocked out Kyouko when Moka steals Tsukune yet again.  The three rush Tsukune and Moka, but Moka takes Tsukune’s hand and removes the rosario, ending the battle incredibly quickly.  Vampire Moka tells Tsukune that it’s okay to be indecisive now, but later on he will have to be clear about his decision.  The next day, the free time in the human world is cut short because of Mizore and Kurumu, and the group all head home…except for Kokoa, who just barely missed everybody after beating the bullet train into Tokyo.

Even the loli is angryMoka's the only one with some wits about herMommy approves!

awwwwwwwwwwww(Vampire <3


  • Kokoa is FAST. I also laughed so hard at the one line from the kid on the train: “It’s strawberry, Mommy!”  Good lord, it was so bad I couldn’t help but laugh.
  • The focus goes back to Tsukune and Moka, and rightfully so.  It’s nice to see Moka’s sincerity in stark contrast to the overbearing Kurumu and the stalker-ish Mizore.  I honestly think that there is some possibility of having a real plot over the last 5 episodes.  There’s a lot of material from the manga to work with that would be excellent stuff to animate, so I don’t see why they don’t do so.
  • This series needs more Kyouko.
  • Cut mommy some slack.  How would YOUR parents react if you suddenly came home with a warring harem behind you?  I think mine would shoot me.
  • Yukari really has to stop with the threesome talk.  That’s just…weird.

You can't take me away!Mommy does approve!Kyouko dreams lots of strange dreams.



Kyouko needs to go to Youkai academy.  Now.


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