Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 6: My Teacher


No, I still don’t forgive them for dropping that borderline yaoi episode two weeks ago.  However, this DOES make a small bit of restitution.  It’s fanservicey and maybe a little more believable than previous episodes, but it’s still laugh out loud outrageous.  It’s as if DEEN decided to eskew the previous two seasons worth of serious business and go for the laughs only.  It’s kind of saddening, and begs the question: can I have some plot advancement now?  Please?  I want to know why she chose Yuzuki…

Eyeballs are good gifts!Dead but hot teacherShoujo style Ichimoku!

Suck up.Obligatory Akie shot!D


On an empty street, Serizawa Yuuna puts in Ichimoku Ren’s name into the Jigoku Tsuushin, prompting Kikuri to appear and give her an eyeball.  Hone-Onna is confused, and Ren is simply flattered.  At gym class, Hone-Onna, who is referred to as Sone-sensei, is running the gymnastics course.  At the end of class, Morohashi Kira delivers her a towel and kisses up to her favorite teacher.  Later in the changing room, Kira tears into Yuuna for her mistake during practice – Yuuna runs away, and to Ren’s dismay, reveals that she’s really going for Sone-sensei.  Hone-Onna quickly looks to clear up her little predicament, using Yamawaro’s special powers to create an accident, and then accompaying Yuuna home.

Chemistry.  Fun and easy.  Don't try this at home.FAILCan it be yuri tiem nao?

I lol'd when I saw this.Everybody <3 Hone..er...Sone senseiAw how cute.

Hone-Onna gives Yuuna a bandage and tries to act as casual with her student as possible before asking her if she had anybody she liked.  Yuuna of course responds that she hasn’t confessed to anybody yet, and it seems that the person she likes is already in a relationship anyway with someone she really doesn’t like.  Hone-Onna suggests that she try to confirm whether or not that’s the case, but Yuu is scared of the results and decides not to.  Hone takes her home, and thinks that she’ll forget her grudge against Ren sooner or later.  Inside, however, Yuuna is paying rapt attention to her bloodied bandage.

Next day, Yuuna flashes Kira the bandage she had earlier, but Kira quickly finds that it’s hiding no injury at all.  Kira enters in Yuuna’s name into Jigoku Tsuushin and gets Wanyuudou as a present.  The next day, Kira’s gym shoes are found in a bucket of water, and Kira accuses Yuuna of doing it.  Yuuna responds that Sone-sensei had asked her to do it, and she’s basically best friends with her.  Kira pulls the string as Yuuna walks away.

...wow.bandages are cruise control for cool.EVIL SMILE ALERT

Hell has beautiful sunsets.moar evil!EW WTF NO

Yuuna is tortured by entering a comical race where the price is Juliet, played by Hone-Onna.  After her initial confusion, Yuuna turns rather cutthroat, tripping up Wanyuudou and throwing the combo of Yamawaro and Kikuri to the floor.  The final race to the goal ends up between Yuuna and Ai, but Yuuna takes no chances and kicks Ai off the lines.  She makes it to the top, but finds that half of Hone-Onna’s face has been sheared away.

Ai takes Yuuna on the boat to Hell after stumbling through her usual words.  Hone-Onna looks on in sadness as Yuuna’s soul is buried in the depths of Hell.  Back at school, Kira has suddenly taken a liking to Wanyuudou the chick magnet.  Yamawaro mentions to Hone-Onna that she shouldn’t worry about it too much.  People like Kira will like someone as long as they’re useful to them.

Hater / hated XDThe Game!The prize~

ai got punked?!Oop she ded lulz/



  • Proof that Wanyuudou is the best person on Jigoku Tsuushin, hands down.
  • So like I mentioned earlier, it’s a bit more realistic than the yaoi one, with the…well, vengeance being somewhat more believable.  It’s still pretty far out there, though.  All sense and sensibility has really gone out the window this season, and I’m not quite sure whether I’m amused or annoyed.  They’ve really played up the comical aspect of the series.
  • I think this is the first time Enma Ai has actually choked on her words.  I laughed at that one.  Her subject got the better of Hell Girl for a little bit!  Yuuna’s “Go to Hell!” shout was reminiscent of Akie’s play on “Try dying this once!” earlier in the season.  It’s almost like they’re purposely poking fun at themselves.  Speaking of Akie, I surmise we’ve been trolled by the Akie has Tsugumi’s spirit.  The more I look at it the more I think Tsugumi is the school nurse.
  • Fanservice does NOT make up for the yaoi bomb.  Although Ai in bloomers was much appreciated.  I guess.
  • We really need to move along now.  The series is bogged down in episodic ‘villains of the week’ with no real sense of what’s really going on behind the scenes.  I’d love to get some answers soon.  Time is running out, so something needs to happen very quickly.  It looks like next week won’t give us any answers yet…so pray for episode 8 to deliver the goods.

OMG HAI2Ugtfo kthxCan it be my turn now?  Pretty please?




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