Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 6: Field Trip + Vampire

Oh god Kokoa, WHYYYYY

Brainless shows like this are just amazing.  Put little to no thought into what’s going on, and yet it’s still pretty easy to understand what’s going on, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.  It’s kind of nice to see Kyoto animated nicely, too.  I’ve visited both major places they show, though only one of their names comes to mind.  Poor Kokoa, though – she gets no love from anybody.

too fast, too furiousiro iro atte...#6.Kokoa missed the bus!

And Kokoa got run over too.  Poor freshman.Out of control harem is out of controlllll


Youkai Academy is off to the human world for a field trip, complete with bus guide Ruby, who’s extenuating circumstances have forced her into yet another odd role.  Kokoa, not one to miss a good party with her big sister, ditches the academy and tries to catch up with the bus by bike, but the second years make their getaway.

The group arrives at the Golden Pavilion, where Moka’s dreamworld of spending time together with Tsukune comes crashing down on her.  Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari all crowd the guy, forcing him to spend time with them instead of Moka.  The pavilion is beautiful as always, but as the group feeds the koi fish, they see another visitor IN the pond eating it.

Most ragtag group of badasses ever assembled.Fail moe mode.No futarikiri for you Moka.

Nekomimi sensei caught the ichinensei!I guess you still have to censor the really bad ones.Mizore private onsen

Moka isn’t thrilled about not being together with Tsukune, and her choice of ‘cute things’ (a neon-glowing skeleton) is a huge failure in front of the others.  She runs out and bumps into a rather delinquent looking group; it turns out this group is out for complete control and domination of the world, starting with the Youkai Academy.  Kokoa would later try the same cutesy tactic to get out of the same situation, but ends up using lethal force instead.

At the inn, Moka is again separated from Tsukune, but eventually the girls enjoy the onsen together (after Moka adds some herbs so she can get into the water too).  Kokoa again shows up, but is caught by Nekomimi-sensei, leading to a nosebleed-inducing chase throughout the inn.  Mizore is thrown out after trying to add ice to the hot springs, and Moka and Tsukune promise to meet each other when everybody’s gone to sleep.

sudden manhood attack!Kurumu's pajamas accentuate her quite a bit, no?I'd be just as scared as Kurumu.

Godzilla, version 2.0.  Not quite human yet, but...We can't fight a war like this!Shounen meets what!?

Moka is sorry that she’s so selfish, but both of them are enjoying their time together.  However, the group from before shows up and captures Tsukune to use as bait for the Youkai Academy girls.  They don’t get a good hit on Moka, however, because Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari all show up after deciding to spy on Moka and Tsukune.  Ruby gives them ideas on what to wear to the ‘battle’, and the four go off in some decidedly odd-looking sailor uniforms.

The tengu’s group proves to be no match for the Youkai Academy squad, however.  Even their Yojimbo, a not-so-disguised Kokoa, is easily defeated by an unlocked Moka.  With their plans for world domination shattered, the tengu and his friends retreat, but only for a little while.  As the field trip continues, their group suddenly asks Moka to lead them with her strength…

Goodness they look kinda cool.DMokaaaaaa

Yo-yo of JUSTICE.Kokoa strikes yet again.  (see title image)


  • It’s nice to see Kyoto again, even if it was just in an anime.  The environments they drew for once matched the character designs.  Now…that one street with Moka and Kokoa running into the tengu group, anybody remember the name?  I’m completely blanking on it.
  • Did TV-MX just give the middle finger to censorship XD.  There were a few mocking bat censors (especially with Kokoa on a bike), and the only real censor was Kokoa’s towel falling off after tripping.  Of course you have to censor that one.  The rest of the episode was happily uncensored though.
  • The final reference to Yo-yo Girl Cop was completely out of the blue.  It was so jarring I couldn’t help but laugh, even though Moka looks pretty stupid holding that yo-yo.  The leg holster looked like some glowy tumor too, which was REALLY weird.  But it did lead to a leg shot, so I guess all is forgiven?  Maybe?
  • In fact, this entire episode is pretty much a gag on other things.  The first minute or so pokes at the supposedly night drifting in Japan (that has died down in recent years), then you have your shonen manga female heroes (holding…math tools?  and cheap sunglasses?), then a poke at one of the oddest movies in recent memory.  Go figure.
  • Random thought – who would win, Arcueid Brunestud or unlocked Akashiya Moka?  Not the Melty Blood Red Arcueid, that’d be overkill.  Just the normal, kinda clueless Arc that Type-Moon fanatics are familiar with.

Bonus images...I always take too many in R+VSuperior Moka

Now for the fight screens.  1234, haha poor Kurumu got the weirdo blob thing.


Instead of previews, leftover screenshots!  Next week: Bathroom + Vampire…probably not a good combination, but we’ll go with it, I guess.


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