Tales of the Abyss Ep. 6: Desert Rain


Notice of schedule change – I’ll do Misae’s arc in Clannad in one post.  As much as I like the series, I have more things on my plate, and it’s a bit lower on my list than anything else.  I’m sticking with Abyss, R+V (screenshots :D), Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, and Kannagi.  On backburner will be To Aru Majutsu no Index and ToraDora! (read: I’ll post on those when I have free time, which is hard to come by these days).

Well, it took six episodes to finally see Asch’s face.  However, if you didn’t get it by now, then you really need to be whacked in the head with a hammer.  Seriously, they’ve been “hinting” at it for a loooong time now.  But I digress; it’s the start of a new journey, the party gains another member, and it’s one of those moments where I wish they DID skip the “journey” part.

Ion got pwnt.Hey, nice..uhm...bellybutton.100% Map Completion GET!

Anise <3But you're...oh, I knew that 4 episodes ago.Why does all "I have an idea" plans end up in the sewer?


Ion takes his morning stroll through the town to see what it’s like before everybody wakes up, but is ambushed by a ragtag group of mercenaries.  Later in the morning, Luke and company try to figure out the best way to get to Akzeruith without being found by the Mohs’ armies, and decide to take a longer route through safe Malkuth waters.  Anise arrives with news of Ion’s disappearance, leading the group to split up – Van will get onto a ship and act as decoy while Luke and the others try to sneak out of the city and see what’s happened to Ion, who is now incredulous of Asch’s appearance.

Token princess arrives!Anise or Tear - better reaction?  hmmThis is taken totally out of context

You STILL don't get it?!Note - do not piss off princessEvil grin!  Evil grin!  Lolis are eeeevilllll!

Guy leads them through an abandoned weapons factory, where Natalia joins the party (by blackmailing Luke with her knowledge of his escape plan to Daath).  She quickly proves her worth as an archer, and also has limited healing capabilities; however, both Tear and Anise are still skeptical.  Especially Anise, who uses every opportunity to cling to Luke as much as she can.  Elsewhere, Jade pities Guy’s responsibility for taking care of the princess and Luke at the mansion, prompting some harsh words from Natalia.  She’s then reminded of her engagement with Luke, and how as a child he forgot nearly everything about her.  She promises to herself that she will help Luke remember everything so they can be married as promised.

They took away the loli!!OH MY GOD I LOVE TEARThing!  Die!  Now!

Yubikiri~bawwwwwwwwwwwwwChibi Natalia is better than idiot kid Luke.

Although she promised to not be a burden, she’s almost killed by the ‘master’ of the weapons armory, a humongous spider.  However, the fabulous trio of Guy, Jade, and Luke prove too much for the overgrown arachnid – the emergency exit opens, and the group finds themselves outside of the city.  Elsewhere, Ion meets another of the God-Generals, Sync, who looks eerily familiar as well.

Outside of the city, Luke suddenly starts having ominous feelings, and suddenly runs off after noticing one of the Six God-Generals.  The two get into a short sword fight, where Asch is revealed to be the spitting image of Luke.  Asch escapes, however, and the group’s sneaky exit from the city is foiled.  Luke suddenly loses control and collapses, as if he were starting to hyperresonate.  Somewhere in the desert, Largo the Black Lion stands and watches events unfold before him.

Spiders.  Why spiders.Ending battle quote where?

NOW DO YOU GET IT!?Asthma!He didn't die!


  • Aww, Tear is afraid of things that go bump in the night!  One of those “Tear is adorable” moments, which have been lacking since Anise has returned to provide her own brand of amusement.
  • Seriously, five and a half episodes of shadowing Asch’s face was really pointless.  The hair gives it away, so why bother trying to hide something that is so evident?  It made no sense to me, and just became absurdly annoying.
  • Natalia gets all that info on Luke, and just BLACKMAILS him with it?  That’s it, no telling anybody else, nothing??  She’s really in love, I guess, but wow, I expected so much more.  Mind you, this is still very close to how the game plays out, so I guess they had to use it the same way the game does – to get Natalia into the party.
  • Really had that dungeon feel, didn’t it?  The boss spider was humongous, but taken down really quick.  I almost wish you’d hear the characters yelling their Basic Artes every so often instead of giving the simple shonen yell; it’d be a nice touch, in my opinion.
  • Largo the Black Lion.  There’s gonna be some emotional moments soon with this one.  *hint*

DO YOU GET IT?  SERIOUSLY!Ligretta is quite pretty.Ion's back somehow.  -_-


Gods and Generals.  (An excellent book, I might add.  Try it sometime)


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  1. Joichi says:

    Thanks for the amusing review! I remember never being a fan of Natalia and now I recall why. It’s a pity they just yell and not call out their artes names, I’d love to see that

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