ToraDora! Ep. 5: Kawashima Ami

Well…it’s better than before.  Kawashima Ami certainly brings a new aspect to the series, but her character is pretty standard-ish, and doesn’t add much.  It draws out more of Taiga’s weaker side for now, but I doubt that’ll stay for long.  So this series now rests pretty much on Taiga’s tsundere antics, Minori’s randomness, and the overall insanity of high school relationships waiting to happen.  I’m not terribly amused, but it’s not complete and utter rubbish, I guess.

I should take this moment to say that I’ve dropped Akane-iro, which is now in my “this is ridiculously bad” pile.


As usual, Taiga is mooching off of Ryuuji.  After spilling onto her dress, Ryuuji offers to clean it up properly, as long as she comes with him to Jonny’s to visit Minori again.  The day they go, however, Minori has taken the day off; instead, they’re met with Kawashima Ami, a well-known model, and her childhood friend, Kitamura Yuusaku…that Kitamura Yuusaku.

Ryuuji is immediately taken by her cuteness and her innocence, but Kitamura quickly shows Ami’s true form – a stuck up, arrogant girl who is much more uncouth than she looks.  Taiga can only put up with so much, and ends up slapping Ami.  Ami fakes crying to Kitamura, leaving Taiga quite rattled.  Taiga decides to let things go, however, as there’s no way they’d see each other again.

Next day, the new transfer student introducers herself as Kawashima Ami.  The class goes wild, except for Taiga, who is clearly annoyed at seeing her nemesis again.  Ami quickly makes friends with her classmates by showing off her clumsy, air-headed side, but Taiga and Minori both remain wildly skeptical of her.  Ryuuji and Kitamura continue to note (with some wonder) how well Ami can play other people.

After PE, Ryuuji leaves to go grab a drink, and Ami quickly follows him.  Thinking he does not yet know her true personality, Ami continues to lie to Ryuuji’s face; look a good sdport, though, Ryuuji takes it in stride, and the two return to the classroom together.  This prompts a dour look from Taiga and a rather distressed note from Minori.

After classes, Ami and Taiga confront each other once more, with Ami claiming that she can take away Taiga’s boyfriend.  When that doesn’t do anything, Ami plays her trump card – Kitamura hates Taiga for slapping his childhood friend.  Suddenly Taiga is shellshocked and remains so until she goes home.  Ryuuji, meanwhile, goes home and prepares tonkatsu for dinner.  Since Taiga is still sulking, he has to go over and get her to eat dinner.

Taiga is wrapped in her blanket and depressed that Kitamura hates her.  However, Ryuuji reassures her that Kitamura knows of Ami’s true nature, and definitely doesn’t hate her.  With that out of the way, the two go to buy tonkatsu sauce to have dinner.  On their way back, though, they spot a badly disguised Ami carrying bags of snacks back to her house.


  • (I’ll write something here later.)


Taiga goes on the offensive!


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