Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 5: Curry + Vampire

Oh my god I laughed so hard at this entire episode.  It’s entire premise was just so STUPID, so I guess it’s one of those silly laughers that come along every so often.  Heck, I’m enjoying this series more than TrollaDora and To Aru Majutsu right now.  Isn’t that wild?

It doesn’t hurt when they decide they need more MIzore in the series, either.  Now the only really annoying thing is…what the heck is MX Tokyo doing?  They’re selectively censoring for NO APPARENT REASON.  Half of the people watching this probably walked away from seeing that.  Oh well..


Mizore tries her hand at cooking, but her snow-woman powers and cooking don’t exactly meet eye to eye.  Elsewhere, class is being held for the rest of the class, where Kurumu and Yukari cook up some rather odd-colored curries (it seems like only Moka knows what she’s doing).  Ruby does her best to help out, but is seemingly obsessed with telling her life’s story every time she changes her job.  Outside, Kokoa is not amused by her big sister’s wussy self, but after confronting the stalking snow woman, is quickly frozen solid.  Elsewhere, The guys are busy with construction work, but they’re all distracted by the thoughts of girls in their aprons cooking…

Mizore gives Tsukune her curry, which doesn’t look too bad except for the block of ice surrounding the plate.  The class is quick to point out Mizore’s inabilities, causing her to freeze all of them.  Elsewhere, Kokoa is thawed by the curry loving Apusara-sensei, but quickly angers the teacher by throwing an offered plate of curry to the floor.  All hell is about to break loose, and splatters of curry follow a very surprised Kokoa.  Much later, Kokoa returns to her pink-haired sister, and is suddenly accepting of the docile Moka.  Nobody seems to notice that Kokoa is much more yellow than usual.

Back in the dorms, Mizore is feverishly trying to cook curry, and with Ruby’s help, succeeds.  Her return to school, however, shows her a scene of curry-eating zombies.  As she rushes to the roof, she finds a zombified Tsukune and Moka feeding each other; a parched Tsukune crawls to Mizore at the sight of even more curry.  Apusara’s curry is defeated by Mizore’s special brand of curry, and Tsukune recovers quite easily (though he’s still yellow).  Together, they withstand Apusara’s attacks and Tsukune unlocks vampire Moka, who is also yellow in the face but much more controlled…sort of.  Unfortunately, the entire school is inundated with curry, a sort of final blow from their curry-loving home ec teacher.


  • Won’t find this one in the manga.  It wouldn’t work nearly as well, either.  God I laughed at how unbelievably stupid the entire thing was.  It also happens that curry is one of my favorite dishes, so it was actually fun to watch for now.
  • Proof that Mizore makes this show much, much better.
  • What’s up with TV-MX censorship?  They censored the first 5 minutes, left a huge segment alone, censored again, then left it alone.  It’s like they’re playing hide and go seek with the media board or something.  I’m not quite following.
  • Watching this episode makes me suddenly want to read Addicted to Curry again.
  • I wonder if the really yellow ZOMBIE CURRY is Indian style?  Speaking of which, way to play on stereotypes Japan.  Real friendly, aren’t you?  Mizore’s obviously came out a Japanese-style curry, so  I guess that trumps the originals.

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