To Aru Majutsu no Index Ep. 4: Perfect Memorization Ability

Weird, my computer’s having issues showing raws lately.  I reinstalled CCCP, though, so hopefully that fixes it.

Anyway, I almost let this one slip, but here it is.  One looooong argument, a cute scene with Index, and a not so surprising ending.  It’s almost cliché, to be honest, and I really do wish for some groundbreaking material.  However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.  As much as I like the source material, this series is just boooooring.


Touma suddenly realizes that runes are placed all around him, removing all others from the space.  Enter  Kaori, who actually doesn’t want to kill Touma at all (hence not revealing her magic name).  Touma is rather stubborn, however, and attacks those who would do harm to Index.

Kaori’s weapon is a seemlingly normal katana, but she’s also capable of using ‘nanasen’, a string-based attack that cuts up Touma’s arm before he even gets close to her.  As Touma rages over Kaori’s chasing of Index, she admits that she is from the same church as Index, which throws Touma into confusion.

Enter backstory: Index has ‘known’ Stiyl and Kaori for an extremely long time, but because her brain is 85% used up by the volumes of books she has memorized, the 15% remaining must be continually purged, or else she will die of information overdose.  After multiple erasures, it became harder and harder on Kaori and Stiyl to watch Index forget them over and over, hence them taking a back seat in her life.

Touma immediately questions their methods, but Kaori isn’t listening, as the brat couldn’t possibly understand the pain either of them have gone through.  Enraged, she lets loose on Touma (with the katana still sheathed, though), and he finally passes out.  However, Kaori and Stiyl withdraw without delivering a killing blow.  Elsewhere, Mikoto and her kouhai Kuroko are out shopping when they notice some of the debris from Touma and Kaori’s fight.  Mikoto also catches a glimpse of a certain girl dressed in the white robes of a church-goer.

Touma awakens to see Index by his side, and his wounds bandaged up.  Index is appalled that Touma fought with her two pursuers, and is almost guilty that she left him alone.  As Index starts to nurse Touma back to health (and maybe even overcompensating a bit), Tsukuyomi-sensei arrives with two guests in tow – Kaori and Stiyl, of course.  Touma prepares for war, but Index suddenly jumps in front of him and begs the two visitors to leave.


  • Honestly did not pay that much attention to this episode.  After five minutes of “NANASEN” then talking, I just didn’t have enough patience in me to sit through the rest of it with rapt attention.  I might have missed a few things, but eh?  Next time may be just some images, this isn’t a series I’m hyped up about anymore.  Kind of like ToraDora.
  • You know what could be good?  An anime of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.  The entire story told from Mikoto’s point of view.  I think that’d be so much better than this.  It’s much more light-hearted and faster-paced.  However, considering the flop of this series (it’s not getting good ratings at ALL), I doubt that project will ever see the light of day.
  • Kaori should’ve just shut up and sliced Touma up.  Seriously.
  • That’s all I can think of.  Literally two scenes in 20+ minutes.


Used up all the cold color budget.  Time to use lots of red and warm tones!


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