Tales of the Abyss Ep. 5: The Chosen Hero

Another episode where the fight comes and goes really, really quickly.  A shame, Dist is hilarious.  However, this is one of those ‘setup’ episodes, so I expect good things from the next few to come down the pipeline.

Note: the NBA is back in town, which makes nights very…hectic.  Posts may come in bunches from here on out.


Jade looks into the information Dist gained about Luke, and foreshadows Luke hating him for what he now knows.  Luke, still completely clueless of the world around him, gets a crash course from everybody about fonims and how they are usually unique from one another (except for isofonims).  Tear is somewhat annoyed that Luke never learned these kinds of things correctly.  When Dist makes his appearance yet again.

Jade has been through run-ins with Dist before, and even has a nickname for him; “Dist the Runny”.  Dist is very much the armchair general, sending his robot creations to wage his wars for him.  Its metal armor gives Guy and Luke hell, but Jade counters with a ‘splash’ spell, and Van utterly rips it apart with his own brand of magic, sending Dist crashing into the water.

At night, Luke suddenly loses control and hyperresonates with himself yet again, taking a huge chunk of the ship’s side out with it.  Van manages to calm him down, however, and reveals that Luke’s house arrest wasn’t simply because his parents were clingy.  Rather, it was to control the only person who could ever hyperresonate without another person.

Upon return to Kimlasca, the entire group is met by the manor’s servants and are taken to the capital building.  Luke and co. deliver the Malkuth peace treaty without issue, much to the dismay of a surprised Mohs, after which they return to Luke’s home.  Tear is still apologetic about getting Luke transported across the world, and goes to apologize to Luke’s mother for it.  Luke’s mother takes it in stride, but asks Tear to forget about killing her brother, Van.  Outside, Natalia is pissed at Guy for going off to find Luke without telling her, and Anise and Tear are taken aback by Luke’s fiancé.

Tear holds a private meeting with Mohs to determine his true intentions, but the man give a carefully guarded response, and tells Tear to continue her mission as planned.  The next day, the council sends Luke to Akzeriuth to assist the evacuation of the area.  Luke protests, but as Tear later confirms, Yulia’s Score has predicted that he would be the one to save those villages.  Luke is eventually accepting in his role of becoming a hero.

Outside, however, Van notes that Luke could turn into a child that would become a weapon of the Kimlasca.  Luke doesn’t believe it, but Van says that Yulia’s Score has never been wrong.  He also proposes that Luke hyperresonate and simply clear away the miasma instead of moving the villages away and then escape to Daath.  Van also admits that he was the one that kidnapped Luke seven years ago.  It’s all a surprise, but Luke agrees to his plan.  Of course, other ears are listening.


  • Oh, how the intrigue builds.  Those new to the game have no idea what’s on store for them with Jade’s newfound knowledge.  Van’s sudden admittance of everything wrong with Luke’s path is certainly jarring, and it’s so typical of a kid who doesn’t think two steps ahead of himself to just agree to whatever the man says.  Hooray for naive ones.
  • How the heck does hyperresonance happen with one person…resonance requires two things, so really, it makes absolutely no sense.  Proof that Luke has two souls…?
  • Obviously we’ve been lacking Natalia in the past few episodes (they were halfway across the world, anyway), but she’s back, and will figure to be a part of the action from here on out.  Don’t mind the “you’re not allowed to go” BS that was thrown around, she WILL get her way.  Especially if that last image has any clout.
  • Think Guy’s aversion of women really has to do with memory loss?  This one made it seem like Natalia just beat him into submission all these years, and now he’s afraid of all of them.  Poor Guy!
  • To me, Mohs just looks like Jabba the Hutt.  Really.  Quite the slimeball too, no?  He’d make a great politician.  Mohs ’08!


Bawwwwww ;_; lol


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