Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 4: Aniki

You know how I said the first two seasons had ups and downs?  This just about set an all new low point for the entire series.  I could barely make it through this without rolling my eyes or suddenly wanting to yank them from my sockets.  This almost makes me glad I’m not going to suffer 24 episodes of this rubbish.

Oh, for the record, Aniki = elder brother.


Yuzuki’s classmates are horsing around instead of cleaning, but Yukawa Takeru simply walks past them; Yuzuki notices that Takeru has changed since last year.  Meanwhile, the Jigoku Tsuushin squad is off to prepare for the day’s activities.

Enter flashback mode – Just one year earlier, Takeru was always bullied and beaten by the other boys in his class, and although the school nurse noticed all of his injuries, she was forced to keep it a secret by Takeru, who would leave it word got out.  One winter day, Takeru was saved by an upper classman, Nishida, who happened to be part of the kendo club.  Suddenly a ray of hope shone through Takeru’s life.

Takeru and Nishida get very close, although Takeru never joins the kendo club like his senpai requests.  Instead, he travels with Nishida to his Kyudo tournaments, and even comments on how smart, honest, and good looking he is.  Nishida responds that Takeru will be better in the looks department, creating a bit of a stir.  Later, as the two are practicing, Takeru works up quite a sweat, which Nishida cleans up for him in a very…intimate manner.

As time passes on, Takeru talks with his family about how great Nishida is, and he slowly begins to change.  Fast forward to the present, where he walks above the troubles in the hallway.  The nurse is relieved to hear (from Yuzuki) that Takeru has committed to join the kendo club on campus, as well.  Outside, Takeru delivers some combustibles to Wanyuudou, who realizes the young boy is their next client.

Nishida and Takeru are on a bus, with Nishida commenting on his difficulties with studies.  Takeru, however, has plenty of faith in Nishida’s abilities to push through and succeed.  The bus comes to a halt when Kikuri blocks the road, but things get worse when a madman gives a businessman a free haircut.  Takeru looks to take action, but Nishida is welded to his seat in fear.  Eventually, the madman gets off, and everybody is relieved except Takeru.  Nishida explains he couldn’t do anything because Takeru was around, and nervously bids goodbye to the high schooler.

Takeru accesses the Jigoku Tsuushin and quickly sends Nishida to hell, where he cries in sorrow for being a wussy and not being able to take any action.  However, on the river to Hell he laments that he is the only one out of the entire bus that is suffering.  Takeru has reverted to his passive ways, but it’s even worse now.  He’s realized that no matter how little he changes, society will still be the same.


  • I actually suffered this episode.  I could barely stand watching it, it was that bad.  I know JS has always had some pretty far-fetched grudges, but WHAT?!  This one didn’t even make sense!  Why would you send a person to Hell that quickly?  I didn’t follow the logic one bit.
  • This entire undertone of homosexuality was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.  All it did was unsettle me even more, and dislike this episode even more.  I am not going to be a happy camper when I have to go back and TLC this.
  • I suppose the twisted ending of being unable to change society is a growing pessimistic viewpoint these days.  It’s kind of sad to think that there are plenty of people who simply give up.
  • How willing would you be to place your life on the line for someone else, much less someone else you don’t even know?  It’s the only serious question that comes out of this episode, really.  I’m not sure if Japan is really THAT passive, though I wouldn’t be surprised.  Their crime rate is ridiculously low, and when it does happen, I’m sure it’s quite nerve-wracking out there (Kobe high school incident / Sasebo slashing, anyone)
  • Tsugumi – “She then reappeared in season three where it is revealed that she has inhabited the body of Yuzuki’s best friend Akie, to watchover Ai while shes still resting in Yuzuki.”   What?  I was almost positive the nurse was Tsugumi…but really?  This could be an interesting thing to keep an eye out for.


No more boys love please, it hurts my brains.


4 Responses to Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 4: Aniki

  1. Aryn says:

    OMG seriously.. I was confused at the end of this too, and it wasn;t jsut a language barrier… the reason for sending Nishida to hell was really stupid >_>

    I thought the nurse was Tsugumi too! Especially because they kept covering the top half of her face. Where did you get that information about Tsugumi watching over Ai?

  2. phelan says:

    I was actually on Wikipedia and saw it, but it looks like subculture’s gotten wind of it too. Look here: http://subculture.animeblogger.net/2008/10/26/jigoku-shoujo-mitsuganae-04/

    and look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jigoku_Shoujo#Recurring_characters

    I’m interested in seeing if this is true, or just a troll. I’m hoping it’s true, though, as it’ll add quite a bit of intrigue to a series that, so far, has been flailing about looking for direction.

  3. JUANCHOANS says:

    kendo maja la pipi

  4. Best10 says:

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