Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Ep. 4: Blue-Colored Mad Party

I’d rather be playing Tales of Vesperia than watching this series’ forced humor.  Both Akane-iro and ToraDora suffer from the same “groundbreaking” tsundere female lead that has somehow mananged to…well, not be groundbreaking.  At least ToraDora, though, has an understanding of what it’s all about; Akane-iro just stumbles around and cracks stupid jokes to make it through the day.


Somewhere in the ocean, the Nagase parents are out against a humongous octopus.  Back to school, Kiryu and Fuyuhiko are wising up to Yuuhi and Junichi living together.  Inside, Karen is inviting her friends to her house party, but Junichi refuses, saying he doesn’t like those kinds of things.  Karen one-ups him by going straight to Minato, who drags her unwilling brother to the party with her.

Though Karen says it’s a casual party, the group is clearly underdressed.  Fortunately, Karen has a wide selection of dresses for her friends to choose from.  Minato chooses a rather revealing dress, giving her brother quite a rush.  Unfortunately, Junichi’s friends are not as…well, interesting.  Junichi tells his little sister to cover her shoulders before anything weird happens.

Everybody has latched on to Junichi’s siscon-like nature, but any other brother would be the same with a sister as cute as Minato.  On their way back from the bathroom, Minato and Yuuhi come across the seasick cooks of the Ayanokouji mansion.  After Yuuhi fails miserably, Minato is tasked to help out, and receives some help from the student council president and some 1st year students.  Outside, Karen tells some pretty awful jokes but keeps the people from thinking about food.

Finally finished the girls wheel in the food, which surprises Karen.  Even more surprising was the star of the show, Minato, who skillfully cuts away the meat of the best quality bluefin tuna she’s ever seen.  Karen, as a hostess, is annoyed that she’s not getting the attention she deserves, and puts ‘Plan D’ into motion.

Plan D calls for a fight between Karen and a giant octopus, but Yuuhi is quite the scaredy cat, and runs away.  Unfortunately, her flight takes her right into the fireworks control panel, which lights off and creates a small fire on board.  As everybody evacuates, Junichi finds both Minato and Yuuhi missing, and goes back in to find them.

Junichi finds Minato easily enough, as she’s looking for a fire extinguisher.  After telling his sister to run to safety, Junichi continues to the main hall to find the fire was put out by the fire sprinklers.  Standing alone in the middle is Yuuhi, who blames Junichi for not saving her sooner.  The group assembles and the day ends.  Karen, the next day, plans to invite everybody to her hot springs resort, but the group looks on with a certain amount of apprehension.


  • That was a HUGE bluefin tuna.
  • I love how they portroy some people who try to act high society but fail miserably at it.  It’s true, really.  There are those who puff up and act the part, but have no backing to show for it.
  • I guess Yuuhi is more like a violent Taiga than any other tsundere character.  It’s kind of cute to see her weak side.
  • Minato would make any older brother a siscon.  Seriously.
  • Giant Octopus of Death!  GIANT OCTOPUS OF DEATH!


First date, 5 episodes in.  Ugh.


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