Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 4: Body Measurement + Vampire

For those of you still watching this and clinging to the hope that it’ll go back to the manga anytime soon, this will just about kill you.  It’s pretty much proof that this show survives for the lulz and to set a new record for ecchiness in a series.

Oh well, lots of amusing screenshots either way, so who needs story when you can just fill an entire 20 minutes with fanservice?


Yukari always tries to get Tsukune’s attention, but he’s only drawn to Moka.  Kurumu makes fun of the flat chested Yukari, and plants the seeds of doubt in the little witch.  As Moka gets her daily dose of Tsukune-blood, Yukari wishes that she could grow bigger in more ways than one.  She fantasizes of the day that she can wear the really pretty dress that’s sitting in her closet and go out with the man she adores.

As she stares at herself in the mirror, the nurse, Yakamaru Mako, comes out of hiding and reveals that she can grant her wish.  Though Yukari is doubtful, Mako injects her with some fluid anyway, knocking her unconscious.

When she recovers, Yukari finds herself late for class.  On the way she notices every guy in the hall is staring at her, though she can’t understand why.  In class, none of her friends recognize her until she drops a washtub on Kurumu’s head for being obnoxious.  Yukari suddenly realizes that she’s all grown up; she also realizes that her clothes didn’t grow with her.

Of course, the little witch is quite happy with this, going so far as to drag Moka out into the bath with her.  There she finds that she needs to go buy a bra, and the next day Moka and company take her to the department store, where Moka runs through ever increasing sizes for the adult Yukari.  The next day Yukari returns to school as a new idol.

At school is the yearly body measuring, and Yukari is excited for it.  However, Kurumu still has her beat in that department, leading Yukari to go back to Mako for more…enhancements.  Mako reveals her true colors, claiming that Yukari may have the body of an adult, but she still has the heart of a little kid, and nothing will change that.  She traps Yukari and injects her with more fluid, causing her to go unconscious.  As Yukari reflects upon herself, Moka and company appear in the background; Tsukune releases vampire Moka, and Mako is taken care of without further delay.

Yukari awakens and returns to the examination booths as her normal, loli self.  Kurumu tries to prod her about her size again, but now Yukari is quite accepting of her capabilities and…assets.  She tells Tsukune to wait for him, and gives him a very Moka-like kiss.


  • YUKARI FANSERVICE \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
  • So in the manga (if you don’t know), Mako is part of a group that is seeking to crash the Youkai Academy back into the real world.  She uses her skill to subvert Moka into attacking Tsukune, but eventually Moka overcomes it and Mako is chased off.  Or something like that.  This episode is much more innocent, as Yukari doesn’t even get subverted, she just convinces herself that she’s an adult now.  It does, however, convince me that any relation to the manga is now thrown out the window.  Watch this for the fanservice, and finish with that.  It’s over people, just over.
  • Final complaint about the lack of manga plot: ANTI-THESIS AND GAR TSUKUNE WHERE!?
  • With that said, I wonder why they even tried to have a moral ending, with Yukari going from unhappy about who she is to accepting her…well, disadvantages.  Might as well kept Yukari as an adult for extra fanservice, then have her wake up with the magic worn off or something.  Oh well.
  • To be honest, you don’t even need sound to watch this episode.  Just watch and you’ll understand what’s going on.  No Japanese required!
  • I wonder if the body measurement tests are really such a big thing in Japan.  It’s so common in anime, but is it really that important to girls?  I will never understand the Japanese women…


Since we get no preview shots, have another one from the episode.  Also, I fully expect a cameo from Ciel-senpai next episode.  Episode 5: Curry + Vampire.


5 Responses to Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 4: Body Measurement + Vampire

  1. shawn says:

    omg you have an anime blog :O

  2. BK201 says:

    It was good..

    keep up D’ good reviews..^^

  3. Kokoa says:

    ami me encanta Kokoa Vampire!

  4. Emma says:

    Awesome Review! did you review season 1?!?

  5. TV-Links says:


    thanks for helpful publish. i’m please guaranteed this post has assisted me conserve a lot of hrs of hunting other similar posts just to discover what i was looking for. thank you…

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